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    Default Once, a man in a bar...

    Once a man in a bar sat down next to me and asked me to punch him in the face. I asked for confirmation, and then punched him in the face. Then he punched me in the face, I was expecting it as part of the deal.

    Would you have punched him, relate the answer to your E-type and instinctual stacking. Please additionally speculate on levels of inebriation, testosterone and social classes.

    P.S. That was not a normal night for me.

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    Wtf? I assume he was really plastered. I know of and hear of people who do this, but thankfully I have never experienced it.

    I wouldn't. I would also assume I'd be punched back, and considering I have a low pain tollerance, and would be very concerned of potential long-term cosmetic damage and fees from doctor/hospital visits. It wouldn't make any sense to engage. Even if I were rip-roaring drunk I still wouldn't.

    As for how it relates to being 1w2... I'm not sure? I don't like physical confrontations like that. I have no useful experience in self-defense (and quite frankly don't have the interest either). Fighting someone in any regard when there is truly no purpose to it whatsoever makes absolutely no sense. I'm not going to entertain it.

    I doubt it has too much to do with it, but I am a guy, I assume my testosterone levels are average, and am middle class for all intents and purposes.
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    Would you punch him? Yes.

    What's your type? IRISH
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    Only if I could be assured he wouldn't return the favor like he did to you.

    I don't give a crap about social classes. There are two classes of people: those whom I know and those I don't know. If he introduced himself to me, I'd gladly do a favor for him.

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    I'd maybe do it if it was a guy because I have a secret violent side. Even though I've never gotten in a real fight.

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    No thanks, Jeff.

    I like the way my face looks.

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    I'm not sure if I would do it or not. But I know for a fact that if he punched me back, I'd be surprised and I would consider it as uncalled for as a random punch any other time, and it would lead to a real fight.

    I'm a 5, but I'm not sure it's related. Perhaps a 5's emphasis on the abstract makes the return punch a rude surprise because the request was phrased as a favor.
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    I'd probably have silly-soft-punched him. In most situations I feel like I could get away with and it would probably make him smile. I'm pretty okay acting intuitively with those sorts of situations. NF feeling around, P flow with the moment, Soc warm friendliness with a little Sx one-on-one openness and playfulness and empathy. Not sure how to relate my enneagram. 6w7 connects to others easily, I guess. And usually has a good sense of how to disarm.

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    Yes, i would have punched him. I wouldn't have expected a hit to the face back, but i've never had a black eye, so i'd curious as to how that would feel.

    Also, i wouldn't tell anyone the truth about the black eye and be all 'uhhh.... i ran into a door... um... i fell down the stairs...uhhhhhrm... the cat kicked me" to make @JivinJeffJones look bad. <3

    Oh, wait, there was other stuff to answer.

    Okay, the likelihood of me punching goes up exponentially with inebriation state.

    I have no idea what my instinctual stacking is. However, as an E9, this does not count as confrontation, so I am more than happy to oblige and punch as hard as I can.

    Social class? Uhh. I have no idea. I think I'm better than some people I catch the bus with, for example, some people who don't have all their front teeth. I also think I'm better than people who don't know how to correctly use they're, their and there.

    I want to punch THOSE people in the face.

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    I would have gone the other way quickly.

    This is actually evidence AGAINST both my supposed type and stacking, not to mention my tritype.

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