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    Quote Originally Posted by Stansmith View Post
    I'm a 6w7, and while I'm still only 19 years old, I can't picture myself ever becoming 7-ish. I'm slowly becoming more 9-ish, if anything, which makes sense.
    Yea that's what I would have thought. But I really act a lot like a 7 surprisingly to me.
    @Nights and Days and @Sanjuro I can't find where I read it!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Urarienev View Post
    @Nights and Days and @Sanjuro I can't find where I read it!!!
    Hmm. Anyways, to answer your question, I've always felt 5ish.

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    I was encouraged to be w5 and discouraged to be w3, hence my own preference of w5. I probably use both though. And yeah, the strucgle between the two started early twenties as i finally had the freedom to discover what being me really was like as i moved out.

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    I was not aware of Enneagram at all until about two years ago, but as soon as I started reading about my type (after the test results) I strongly identified with 4. I often encourage people to learn about all of the types (to aid them relationally, but also to fully visit all of the possibilities for themselves) and as I did so, I saw myself quite a bit in 5 as well. I tend to identify my wing as "heavy", I even have a friend who swears that I am really 5w4. I definitely relate to what @Noll said about not really feeling 3 at all-- in fact, it's one of the Enneatypes I have the hardest time getting along with. That said, I do have tiny moments I call "weak wing" blips, that are very small 3 moments. An example: I went out to a nice dinner with my Mom a couple weeks ago and as as the waitress handed us our menus my Mom exclaimed, "Oh, new menus!" because the design had changed. I noticed a hesitation from the waitress before she smiled and left us, and inferred that the menus actually hadn't changed for awhile. Feeling a bit embarrassed, I said to my Mom, "way to let her know how long it's been since we've eaten here!" I'm usually the last person in the world to care about measures of status like that! That is a weak wing blip. It happens pretty rarely, though I don't try to prevent it really.

    The only other 4 I know is 4w3 and we relate to some extent. I really should get to know him better to explore the 4w3 side of things.
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    It's definitely true for me my personality started changing around that time. I remember one my friends saying "rob doesn't take shit from anyone" and something about how i should care about feelings more. I became a lot more hostile.

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    When I started getting older and having more responsibility I become less willing to deal with bullshit.

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    I think my 2 wing was actually much, MUCH more active when I was a teenager. Nowadays, at age 23, I can see a lot more wing balance going on. Still a clear 1w2, but also 9-ishly drawn towards "going with the flow" and forsaking the self in order to see all sides, in some interpersonal situations.
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    I really think I feel both of my wings quite a bit. I think I have more 1 tendencies though. I am very particular about things that are important to me. I always feel like I have to justify things to myself before I make a decision.
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    9 is consistently my second lowest or lowest enneagram, and the type identify with the least. As such I am a 2 wing by default. It's been like that going way way back.
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    I typed as a five wing for a long time, but that ultimately didn't fit for reasons similar to why threes who become isolated by workaholism can see themselves in the five defense mechanism of isolation. My withdrawl was not about information or knowledge outside of what was necessary for my projects - in fact, I feel ignorant sometimes because I spent such a huge essential chunk of my life laser-focused on producing without stopping to really absorb the wisdom of others. It was about creating my legitimacy.
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