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Thread: 794 tritype, anyone else? Help and share your experience!

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    Default 794 tritype, anyone else? Help and share your experience!

    Hello friends!

    Just wondering if anyone on here is of the 794 tritype? I was typed with the help of a TypoC member and I'm pretty confident in my tritype now.

    I'm 7w6 - 9w8 - 4w3 sp/so.

    Only thing is, nearly all the literature I can find on this tritype is written by people who are 4-doms, and tend to contain the words "gentle spirit", "fairy" and "ethereal", which kind of make me feel slightly ill.

    Anyone on here with this tritype leading with 7 that can give me a more realistic reading of what this tritype looks like in practice? I can't get past the "fairy" thing with the 4-dom readings.

    Can't really find anything written by 7s with this tritype, and I'm just getting into Enneagram so would love to know more.


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    Gentle spirit. There's a thread about it somewhere...

    Fun, happy, little bit soulful, wants everyone to feel good and happy... etc
    Your kisses, sweeter than honey. But guess what, so is my money.

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