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Thread: 458 Enneagram Tritype – The Scholar Archetype

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    5w4 so/sx


    584 here.

    (though the 8 often takes charge too, becoming 854. it's nice meeting fellow 458s)

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    I think I'm E 5,4,3,8,9, just wing it in that order.

    I was always artistic. I had problem with controlling emotions, it came like a train that hit me and I had no idea what was happening to me. With training I learned how to be strong and suppress them, now it seems I need to get back in touch with them...

    Even though I'm ENTP I completely agree with everything @Alea_iacta_est said.
    To be reborn again is to be aware of the past wrong self and false thoughts, that is... no more.

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    I'm kinda trying to clean my typology crap off my work computer and was looking for a place to put this. I'm going to suggest that most people in this thread are probably not 458.
    Through every forest, above the trees
    Within my stomach, scraped off my knees
    I drink the honey inside your hive
    You are the reason I stay alive
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