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    I'm not even sure I like the way counterphobia is used with 6s, much less do I think it should be used with other types. I see in myself vacillation between fight and flight... I am labelled "phobic" because I choose flight more often, but I feel like the two are often intricately wound in one another, and I don't think that if you met me you would really think of me as a "phobic" person. I can be - but I can also be stubborn and outspoken. And that is true even for the most phobic 6 that I know. Sometimes she stands her ground and fights like mad. I think it would be interesting to discuss "countertype expression" across the board, though counterphobia is primarily a 6 thing.

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    Any type can be "phobic" or "counterphobic", because those terms simply define how a human being might handle a fear response.

    However, only the 6s have a true "phobic" or "counterphobic" orientation as part of their core strategy in coping with life.

    Other types may be "countertypes", meaning they move against parts of their own fixation, similar to how counterphobic 6s move against parts of their own fear-and-worry fixation. Head types in particular deal with fear as part of their fixation, so they can take on "counterphobic" overtones as well, especially if 6-winged. It won't manifest as "moving against fear" in the 6ish sense, however, it will manifest as moving against their own core fear (again, I'm talking about the overall strategy, not a temporary fear response).

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    Quote Originally Posted by bologna View Post
    I have no idea what a phobic Four would look like. Their whole thing is rebellion of the norm in favor of uniqueness, no?
    I wish I could explain how it works, but it does. It clicks for me, anyhow.
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