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    enneatype me based on music tastes in youtube links i gave u

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    7w6 sx/so


    Going off of the last few pages, this thread just became a mess. I'm gonna bring this back:

    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    the rules are simple:
    1) listen to the selection above you
    2) type said user (Enneagram, tritype and instinctual subtype) based on their selection (you don't have to listen to to 100% of it. just a little bit of each)
    3) provide 3-4 songs that you feel represent a solid portion of your musical tastes

    PS: please wrap videos in spoiler tags. these pages are a bitch to load otherwise
    Seriously, I can't even listen to people's music anymore because people keep forgetting to put the videos in spoiler tags.
    7w6 - 2w3 - 8w7 sx/so

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    3w4 sp/sx
    SEE Fi


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vetani View Post
    If you weren't straight I would totally do you.

    cp6w7 or 7w8 or 4w3

    Is this my tritype or are you giving me 3 options?

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    #KUWK Kierva's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    3w4 sp/sx
    SEE Fi


    Quote Originally Posted by Nihilogen View Post
    Is this my tritype or are you giving me 3 options?
    Three options, because if you knew, you can't have 2 head types in 1 tritype.

    I don't give much weight to tritype, which is why I only have one type in my siggy.

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    3w4-7w6-1w2 Sx/So

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    ka-POW labyrinth_perhaps's Avatar
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    IEE Ni


    Bowie, bassnectar, eyedea, the white stripes, biggie, black flag, choking victim, rancid, the dead Kennedy's , la dispute, defeater, the front bottoms, the pixies, Bauuer, Random selection of EDM, excision, zeds dead, dj shortee, stooki sound, DIPLO, gangstarr, the dead, Joplin, jimiiiiiiii, velvet underground, IGGY POP, The ramones, the sex pistols, the misfits, ramshackle glory, rage against the machine, 311, incubus, modest mouse, max creek, furthur, B.B king, Elvis, Lana del Rey, ETC AND

    i love talking about music, I'm not trying to be pretentious or anything

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    1w2 sp/so
    EIE Fe


    @Stansmith (since you got skipped effectively)

    I have to say, I had to resist the urge to gouge my ears out with a spoon for the first three songs. UGH! I hate hate hate that kind of super light folkish indie music. It's soooo annoying to listen to. That said, I survived. The last song isn't so bad though

    Either way:

    9w1 - 4w5 - 7w6

    The entirety of the music just has this huge "love, peace" vibe to it, and is super chill, hence the 9. I don't hear or feel any aggression at all, so it has to be a 1 wing. 4w5 would be secondary since there is this sense of needing to be true to the self, I almost want to say 2, but that one doesn't quite fit. Last would be 7, since there is this sense of wanting to get out and explore as well. There would be no point in living otherwise. 6 sing since I don't hear or feel any aggression, more of a drive for a bit of security. So yeah .

    Here's another 3 that pretty well define my style:

    MBTI: ExxJ tetramer
    Functions: Fe > Te > Ni > Se > Si > Ti > Fi > Ne
    Enneagram: 1w2 - 3w4 - 6w5 (The Taskmaster) | sp/so
    Socionics: β-E dimer | -
    Big 5: slOaI
    Temperament: Choleric/Melancholic
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    External Perception: Nohari and Johari

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