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Thread: The Enneagram and Money

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    Oooh well I am usually very cognizant of our finances. I'm not a hoarder of money, I will certainly roll the dice on investing and other opportunities when I feel they are a good risk. My ENFJ is also good with money but he is much more of a saver. We are both willing to spend on quality items but not overspend. He is like the king of sales and clearance so I usually assign any price research to him. We use credit cards regularly but they are paid in full monthly, I'm not ok with carrying a balance. Money is regularly saved and invested, there are several accounts for different purposes. In this area, I think being an sp really shines through but that has the capacity to get a little paranoid but I don't think I've gone that far.
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    Also, @ credit cards -

    fuck that noise, I use debit.

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    No idea whether my spending habits are more STJ or 1. They don't seem sp-last to me, though; I've mentioned in other threads that SJ sp-last often doesn't seem very sp-last, because SJs are so practical and grounded.

    Either way, I would describe myself as creatively frugal, but not cheap. I make a game out of how little I can spend on high-quality items, how little I can spend going from point A to point B. I comparison shop constantly, I try to find ways to make things by hand if that would be cheaper. When I splurge on myself, it's on something that I know I will use a lot and/or that I know will last. So... because of this, even though I budget, I probably don't need to, because I ALWAYS go significantly under budget.

    As for savings: I put whatever's left over into savings at the end of every month. In the process of building up a good "just in case" fund -- a few months' rent -- and will use the extra that builds up on travel.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ginkgo View Post
    Also, @ credit cards -

    fuck that noise, I use debit.

    I am not looking forward to the time when I will inevitably need a credit card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EJCC View Post
    I am not looking forward to the time when I will inevitably need a credit card.
    It's really not bad at all if you never spend beyond your ability to pay, and just pay it off in full on the same day every month. Online is convenient and quick, though recently I've taken to physically going to the bank because it feels "solid" to me to do it that way. Personally I like using credit over debit because I feel like I'm working towards something whenever I use it. Using credit does make me a little anxious, but I only ever keep a running balance on one card, which makes it so much easier. I do have some store credit cards, too, but I pay them off with a check immediately upon making a purchase so I never have to think about whether I owe anything on them or not.

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    I like to hoard money without doing anything productive with it because OMGWHATIF, etc.

    But I don't really do anything smart with my money at all. I make sure to not spend more than I make in a month and I don't make big purchases often because I have a horrible habit of placing so much onto the concept that it takes away any micron of pleasure I may have gotten from it because OMG THE DRAGON CLUTCH OF MONEY IS GOING DOWN.

    I decided to take the plunge and plan a vacation to London and Paris this year, and I felt awesome and excited about it for exactly 10 minutes and then I panicked after I bought the plane ticket because I couldn't change anything and OMGWHATIF, etc. I had an absolute blast and I am glad I went, but there was a lot of "MEH" attached to paying the various bills for it. Mainly because if I could have paid for the entire thing in one chunk of money I would have been ok, but I had to pay for the plane, chunnel ticket, hotel at Paris, hotels at London, metro rides, tube rides, food, museums, etc, etc etc.

    I blame it on SP aux.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haven View Post
    I think the way you handle money is more relevant to your instincts than anything else, money is tied to the self preservation instinct.
    I second this. Also mbti may place more of a role than enneagram. In general, I feel as though xNFP's are better with their money than xSFP's that I know. Perceivers in general are worse with their money than Judgers. And I'd think self preservation first to be better with money handling than sexual types.

    I personally flip between being very frugal and thrift with my money to indulging. I look for sales when it comes to clothing or grocery shopping , but indulge on eating out or expensive purses. I'm trying to work on the eating out part and decided I really need to start saving money. $100 per paycheck. I think budgeting will be easier now that I'm not working for tips waiting tables and bartending anymore and am getting a paycheck. Most of my debt is health related or school loans.
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