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Thread: Enneagram and Comedy Style

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    Default Enneagram and Comedy Style

    The majority of good comedians seem to be 6s and 7s, but I've noticed a few trends:

    6w5: Very cynical, intellectual, somewhat conspiracy-ish. Feels like a preachy lecture at times, yet entertaining. 'Punchlines' are kind of spaced out and given less emphasis.

    6w7: Take everyday situations or observations and twist it into something hilarious or hilariously unfortunate. Lots of crude humor and words like Jizz, skeet, fart, shitting, etc. Less intellectual or "high and mighty" than 6w5. I've noticed some Sensor 6w7s also tend to have this weird, shock-value dead-pan schtick, while Ne 6w7 comedians seem less contrived.

    7w6: Kind of like 6w7, but more upbeat, silly, absurd and a little more interactive. More quick wordplay and puns too. They'll be in the middle of a joke and maybe go on quick spontaneous tangents as they go.

    I feel like one's humor style might be influenced by your head-fix.

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    I'm a 7w6, and I like absurdity, dark humor, self-deprecating comedy, and satire.

    Mitch Hedberg, Brian Posehn, South Park, Louie CK, and Norm MacDonald are some of my favorites.
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