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Thread: The Hardest Type to be in The Enneagram

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    Quote Originally Posted by labyrinthine View Post
    I avoid watching the news, but do hear about it incidentally and yes, it is saddening. I'm thinking more about the individual people I know personally and how painful their lives are. I recently found out about something a friend experienced earlier this month that is so horrific that it has shaken my sense of reality, and I thought i was already calibrated to know about horrible things. To live is to suffer for many people.
    Extremes of empathy would be another reason why the 4 is the hardest type to be.
    "I absorb energy like a sponge everywhere I go. It allows me to see the world and my purpose in it." Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventures (INFJ)
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    Being a healthy 4 would be easier than being an unhealthy 9 (which I assume people think would be the "easiest" type). I don't think there's easy or hard. It's difficult for everyone in their own way. What's hard for me isn't hard for you, and vice versa. Also, everything's relative and can't really be compared easily. Human pain and struggle don't fit in nice boxes.
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    Hmmm...everyone's got it bad for some reasons and better for others.

    If I had to take a guess at a most inconvenient Enneagram, I think I'd pick 1 or 6. All that internal criticism and self-doubt?

    When it comes to instincts, however, it's gotta be Sx all the way. In the U.S., I find that our culture sort of romanticizes Sx in theory, but condemns it practice. While most of my choices and actions would look really attractive or edgy in a book or on film, they're scolded in real life, invalidated at every other corner.

    "Why did you do that?!"

    Because I wanted to feel alive.

    "Why aren't you doing this?"

    I know I'm supposed to want that, I know. I know! But I don't. I feel like I can't breathe if I don't chase this other thing, this thing I love/need/want. I can't be anything other than what I am, and if someone would just listen to me -

    "Jesus, grow up."

    It's like a constant fever trying to make it through life while feeding this monster inside.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mal12345 View Post
    Extremes of empathy would be another reason why the 4 is the hardest type to be.
    I wouldn't know how to evaluate the 'hardest' type to be. It could be reasonable to say that E4 is one of the harder types to be. The sensitivity issue is difficult, but it also has the advantage of being rather autonomous. The types that need certain reactions from other people have it hard because we can't control that aspect of our lives. Even the E3 who is great at navigating games, power structures, and image, has the disadvantage of needing recognition from others. E1 has a difficult time in needing perfection and idealism. I would tend to cluster the types on a continuum towards 'harder' and 'easier', but I wouldn't know what to put at the two endpoints.
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    I reviewed this thread and discovered my previous contribution:

    Ah, Kermit.

    Every type has it sucky in some way. I'd like to contribute more to the thread than this lovely Kermit the Frog song but as soon as I try, there's just too much to account for and I really don't think any type has it easier in every way. Maybe for example it's "easier" as a 9 to numb out of daily existence and coast along but the struggle to become a non-entity in the world is a very lengthy and painful process. Or maybe it's easier as a 1 to assert your "rightness" but to come to grips with your inner sensitivity and level of emotional suppression is very challenging.

    There's a struggle and lots of inner pain to account for no matter what type you are, so to diminish that in favour of saying one type has it harder feels wrong to me.

    So, enjoy Kermit's lovely song instead!
    "Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one."
    Eleanor Roosevelt

    "When people see some things as beautiful,
    other things become ugly.
    When people see some things as good,
    other things become bad."
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