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Thread: Music that makes you calm as an indication of type?

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    I don't think music is influenced by type. I think it's just an acquired taste in general. For the hell of it, I'm a 4w3 and I find mainly late 80s'/early 90s' shoegaze and dream pop very soothing to listen to. I also have a playlist of mellow songs I listen to when I do yoga. The artists in particular that I love include Slowdive, the Cocteau Twins, Spacemen 3, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Elliott Smith, and many, many more. I also enjoy some prog rock like King Crimson and Genesis and some 60s/70s artists like Syd Barrett. Just to get a general idea, here are some songs I find comforting:

    The music I generally listen to is a bit ethereal and melancholy. I guess it could be labeled 4ish. Maybe there is some truth to your theory.

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    In general classical music has a calming soothing effect as it helps me get my thoughts straight and compartmentalise. For relaxing and sleeping I like to listen to waves and rain and some chillstep.
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    American dollar usually does alright for me.

    Ambient, electronic etc..

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