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Thread: Family Enneagram Types

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    I have updated this because my past typings were way off.

    Mother: ESFJ, 2w3 so/sx (Tritype 261)
    Father: ISTJ, 9w8 sp/sx (Tritype 935)
    Brother: ESFP, 8w7 sx/so (Tritype 872)

    Dad's parents...
    Mother: ESTJ 8w9
    Father: ISFJ 6w5

    Mum's parents...
    Mother: ISFJ 1w2
    Father: INTP 5w6

    (I don't know my grandparents well enough to deduce their instinctual stacking/tritype, sorry)

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    thought I was a 4 and my dad was a 1 when I answered this before

    me: 5w4 sp/so (INFP)
    my mom: definitely a 2, probably 2w1 sp/so (ESFJ)
    my dad: 5w6 so/sp (INFJ)
    my brother: 7, probably 7w6 sp/so (a very unusual one) (ESFP)

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