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Thread: What Enneagram Test Do You Use?

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    Trobon figuring out your Enneagram personality style is the main thing, as is using it as a tool to develop your awareness of yourself. Focussing on the wings is for graduate school to use an analogy.

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    You can have a lot superficial traits that belong to one type and score as that type when you relate to another one more. I know that when I first started taking Enneagram tests, I often scored as a Five. I related to the desire for insight and the fear of showing my emotions. But as I learned more about the types themselves, I learned that those characteristics spring from my deeper Fourness. I accumulate insight because it makes me unique and enables me to express myself, not because I want to arm myself against a harsh reality. And I fear showing my emotions because I don't want to be rejected and embarrassed, not because I think I'll be overwhelmed. Those are Fourish characteristics, and tests interpret them as Fivish. This is why you should take tests with a barrel of salt and focus on type profiles instead.
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    ^This is why Nunki is awesome.
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