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Thread: enneagram 3-6?

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    Default enneagram 3-6?

    I'm either type 3,4,5, or 6. I don't know which one. Can someone help me? I've already looked through. ==" They all sound like me.

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    so you're either in the intensity group or the competency group

    once you have that narrowed down, you can decide your actual type by judging weather or not your a head type
    or a heart type
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhuli Lily Askar View Post
    I'm either type 3,4,5, or 6. I don't know which one. Can someone help me? I've already looked through. ==" They all sound like me.
    Then you need to look deeper. Enneagram is hard, I often feel like they all sound like me too.. but after quite a bit more introspection I've narrowed it down to 3w4, 4w3 or 6w7.. and 6w7 is looking pretty good right now.

    Look at the core fears.. forget the way they say the behavior manifests as and just look the bottom line.
    If you are a 3 your greatest fear is failure.. you will counterbalance this by always seeming a success.
    If you are a 4 your greatest fear is that you are ordinary or defective. You will counterbalance this by emphasizing what makes you special and different.
    If you are a 5 your greatest fear is that your insufficient. You will use knowledge and specialty knowledg to assure yourself that you are sufficient.
    If you are a 6 your greatest fear is that your a nobody. You will focusing on being a somebody but always seem to look outside of yourself to find it.

    One or two of these is probably going to stand out more than the rest. I used to think that by getting more and more info on enneagram I would eventually figure out my type. Enneagram can be complex with different interpretations, but in many ways it is also very straight-forward. What makes typing so difficult is our inability to peel back through the layers to the core, because the fear can manifest in soo many different behaviors. My advice, and this is just my opinion ofcourse, is to hold reservation in typing yourself purely on the behaviors..
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