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Thread: What do I do with my Enneagram???

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    Default What do I do with my Enneagram???

    I've done a few on-line tests and found my Enneagram Type (9w1) but what do I do with it?

    Unlike MBTI, I haven't been able to find any info on the web about what being a 9w1 means. I'd like to find out if the strengths and weaknesses of a 9w1 are any different to INTP. I'd like to get to work with some personal development rather than just sit here and say "Hey I'm an INTP 9w1, what's your favourite song?"
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    This is type description I've found most useful: It's pretty detailed and even gives growth recommendations at the end.

    There's also this site that gives information on their strengths and weaknesses.

    Other than that, you could always check out Personality Cafe. There's an entire section there devoted to type 9. Hope that helps.

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    self-analysis. learn the defense mechanism of your type (trying to make everything smooth and calm and peaceful) - and try to look for it in your daily life, how it might be holding you back. i think my little brother is a 9w8 INTP and i know that sometimes he will sacrifice his own desires and plans for the sake of harmony, which can end up being unfortunate for him when his friends aren't willing to do the same. and also look at how it makes you a good person, and how you can capitalize on the gifts of the strengths of your type.

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    This site can tell you a lot. It has a lot about motivations and just really detailed descriptions of the types.
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    You say "what do I do" and act like you were not responsible of your type and was not something personal, typycal 9 thing,
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