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Thread: Enneagram Depictions in Movies etc.

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    Default Enneagram Depictions in Movies etc.

    Does it affect you emotionally when you watch someone your own type collapse under their fixation? I think that if you've been there before, it will bring back memories of that pain. Some movie directors are likely intentionally taking advantage of this to move people.

    If you know what the common types are in a population, you could easily cater a movie that will make them emotional by showing them a relatable person trying really hard, but falling apart under their fixation. Some people will probably cry over anything though... probably because they think they should.

    I know when I see someone giving in to their fate because they deserve it for being incompetent and weak, it moves me. I want to reach them, snap them out of it, tell them to take control of their lives and move forward and forgive themselves.

    It reached me, because in the same situation, stuck in the city, no buses to get home, out in the cold all night, I refused to admit that I needed help, I didn't want to call anyone and get them to pick me up and blamed my incompetence and felt I deserved it as a punishment for reading the timetable wrong.
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    I've definitely related to characters in movies who do things that are a little too close to home.

    I think if you ever want to truly understand the world from a Five's point of view, you watch David Fincher films. They seem to encompass the entire spectrum, but especially the more fearful side of things.





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