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Thread: What's your Enneagram Tri Type?

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    There is a ton of information on that site that I will need to sift through. It does seem to be the most accurate Enneagram test I have taken so far, and with the best explanations. For what it is worth, these are my results. Feel free to give feedback, I still haven't made up my mind about tri-type theory yet.

    Your Report Summary:
    Top ranked Enneacard overall: Type 5
    Top Ranked Enneacard in your Enneaspread: Type 8
    Potential Wing(s): 6
    Potential Tritype: 163
    Potential Instinctual Stacking: Sexual > Self-Preservation > Social

    So what the heck is a 163-Taskmaster archetype?

    Found it, and it is not all that accurate for me, or I should say it is fairly accurate but it is not the primary skill-set, drive, focus in my life.

    edit: I figured out my tritype. The 136 is not accurate, I do have some of those attributes but not to any degree that I would fit that tritype. By reading up on each of the 9 enneagram types and then going with the best fit for who I am in each head, gut, heart and ranking them according to preference of use/reliance. I come up with a tritype of 584. I read the description and it fit eerily well. Which is interesting because I don't give the enneagram much credit in general. But, if the glove fits...

    584 varient of – The Scholar Archetype
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    974 doesn't fit me at all... I don't relate, I'm not etheral, or fairy like.

    This is the sort of sprite or fairy like tritype. There is a need to remain positive while still searching for meaning. The blindspot is that there is an attraction to magical thinking and missed opportunities to speak their truth so they find themselves glossing over negative feeling states in favor of something more comfortable or positive. When 4 is in charge there's a tendency to not see all the ways in which depression or sadness is evaded through this magical thinking process. Etheral, blah, blah, blah...

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    OK, what is this witchcraft? I've done the cards test before, so I know that the 1 cards appeal to me for the wrong reasons. A lot of these qualities just look like a 4 (the way they present it anyways), so I often test as a 1 in my gut type, when I'm really a 9 there. I tested as a 4-7-1 in the enneaspreads test the first time round. I wanted to read the 479 description instead so I redid the test with that specific thing in mind - whenever I saw a 9 card paired with a 1 card I would choose the 9, no matter how good the 1 looked. OK did that, still got 471. What the shit?
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    I can relate to enneagrams 5, 4, 1. I know 5 is the strongest.. but I'm not sure yet about 5-4-1 or 5-1-4 aaaand I have problems with the PCafe descriptions. :P

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    Well, I relate almost equally to 4w5 and 7w6. I never know about the third. I thought I was a 7w8 and relate to 7 and 8 but not the description of them put together- just relate to the two for separate reasons. I relate to 7w6 description more. I always think that I'm a 749, but after reading these descriptions (and I'm glad there are finally descriptions out there) I can relate to the 4/7/8 the most. I don't relate to 749 much at all except that I am off in my own world. "Magical ethereal and fairy-like" is a bit much, don't ya think? It's just a world. I will think on this a bit.

    Or I could just have a "ditype." 7/4 nothing.
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    06/13 10:51:55 shortnsweet: !!!!
    06/13 10:51:57 shortnsweet: (cries)
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    I've taken the enneacard test twice and both times it said 4-5-9, although I see myself more in the 451 and 471 descriptions, esp about procrastinating when know can't live up to ideals of perfection and being research obsessed. In the case of the 471, alternating between letting loose and being overly proper rings true for me.

    @wolfy, I hate that whole 'ethereal' thing with nine, too. It seems so loopy. And inaccurate. Sure, there are ethereal nines, but plenty who are not.
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    5-9-3: Most success-oriented Five. Needs prestige, especially if SOC.

    five with a nine fix: pattern seeking above all. whimsical exploration,
    disposition of reluctant idealist. open minded,
    philosophical perspective. can seem to lack focus
    while associating groupings of information into larger
    theories. likes people and humanity as a whole,
    shares ideas and is relatively easy to get along with.
    Sounds the most like me.

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    I scanned through all the types and 479 probably does fit best overall. I always related well to the trickster archetype.

    ...or I think when it's a male energy you get a strong trickster archetype. Playful yet meaningful. ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortnsweet View Post
    Or I could just have a "ditype." 7/4 nothing.

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    My results are a tad surprising.

    Top ranked Enneacard overall: Type 5
    Top Ranked Enneacard in your Enneaspread: Type 5
    Potential Wing(s): 4
    Potential Tritype: 594
    Potential Instinctual Stacking: Sexual > Self-Preservation > Social

    I never doubted 5w4 but it's interesting to see my tritype with a 9 in second place.
    Also, sexual before self-preservation.'s quite possible. It was always between those two anyway.
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