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Thread: The Ultimate Easy and Straightforward Path To Discovering Trifix (Part 1)

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    Default The Ultimate Easy and Straightforward Path To Discovering Trifix (Part 1)



    I think of gut fix as having to do entirely with physical presence in the way that a person takes up space...As a tip, being aggressive is less of big deal for 1 fixers (so long as they can justify it within their rules) than 9 fixers and not a big deal for 8 fixers while being aggressive is a pretty big deal for 9 fixers.

    -8 fixers take up space unapologetically and just seem solid...
    -9 fixers take up space apologetically and seem unsubstantial physically in the unhealthier levels while more in flow in the healthier levels
    -1 fixers take up space somewhere in between, rigid, tense, clenched...

    Image Fix:

    I think of the image fix as the information a person consciously or unconsciously presents about themself...As a tip, 2 and 4 fixers take their personas less seriously and play around more with identity while 3 fixers take their personas very seriously

    -2 fixers present as more unimportant, humble, a 'servant'...
    -3 fixers present as more of a consistent winner, sometimes regal....
    -4 fixers present as more intense, self-referential, deep, sometimes erratic...

    Head Fix:

    I think of the head fix as an orientation towards thinking and ideas. I liken a person's head center to a record player...head fix is the specific record that starts playing when the play button is turned on. As a tip, 5 and 7 fixers delight more in concepts while 6 fixers have more "important" things to think about.

    -5 fixers think more for the delight of 'big ideas' about human behavior and creating new concepts to keep reality aligned with their 'cerebral landscape'...
    -6 fixers think more for the responsibility of assessing and defending current beliefs/people to figure out what/who is reliable and what they can be certain about...
    -7 fixers think more for the delight of staying on the move (mentally or physically) in search of new ideas to stimulate their minds with...

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    This is just as good a summary of the nine types in general, nevermind all this trifix stuff.

    I especially like how you've emphasised the distinction between the three triads, as well as their importance to identifying your type - it's something I think people are far too eager to ignore.

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    451 going only off of this.

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    On a whim yesterday I decided to pay for the enneagram tritype test. I was curious how they would present it, although I've never been into that site... go figure. It said my 'enneaspread' was 4 7 5 9 1, but they said my tritype was 495 (their description for 471 sounded more like me than the 495).

    Anyway... this is far better- and free. And I come up 471.
    Thank you.

    @Tomb1, Got any tips for instinctual variants?

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    These seem like excellent pointers.

    It's really too bad that I identify with two in every triad. I am hopeless.

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    i'm still stuck between 479 and 459.

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    inside Im more 468
    In the external world clearly 458 (4w5 - 5w6 - 8w9)

    6w5(sw5w4) Sx/Sp

    "Some people never go crazy... What truly horrible lives they must lead"- Charles Bukowski

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    I identify strongly with 9. Maybe a little bit with 4. That's about it. I would have related to 5 more about a week ago, but I'm not feeling particularly analytical right now.

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    For me, 593- The Thinker.

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    I have trouble with my gut fix. None of them really fit me. I am not really unapologetic or apologetic, and I am not really rigid, tense, or clenched either.
    I'm 6-4..... I think I'm closer to 8 or 9 than 1. I seem to be in the middle of 8 and 9.
    ISTP 6w5 sx/sp
    6-8-4/6-9-4 Tritype

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