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Thread: Lost Childhood Messages

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    You know, I read these ages ago in the wisdom of the enneagram and I didn't really get it. So I pretty much dismissed it. Then a couple of weeks ago, in a moment of frustration, I thought, "what the hell is my problem? Why have I always felt like I'm not allowed to be healthy and happy?" And then my mind flashed to the type four unconscious message and I finally realized what they were getting at.

    I'm not sure where this message came from, it doesn't seem to be an issue with my siblings. If anything I'd say the messages my parents gave were of the 1,2, and 6 varieties. But it is for sure ingrained within my psyche. And very hard to shake.

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    Type One:…. “You are good.”
    Type Two: …”“You are wanted.”
    Type Three: .“You are loved for yourself.”
    Type Four: …“You are seen for who you are.”
    Type Five: ….“Your needs are not a problem."
    Type Six: … ..“You are safe.”
    Type Seven:..“You will be taken care of.”
    Type Eight: ..“You will not be betrayed.”
    Type Nine: ...“Your presence matters.”
    Type One: It's not okay to make mistakes.
    Type Two: It's not okay to have your own needs.
    Type Three: It's not okay to have your own feelings and identity.
    Type Four: It's not okay to be too functional or too happy.
    Type Five: It's not okay to be comfortable in the world.
    Type Six: It's not okay to trust yourself.
    Type Seven: It's not okay to depend on anyone for anything.
    Type Eight: It's not okay to be vulnerable or to trust anyone.
    Type Nine: It's not okay to assert yourself.
    Kind of funny, I was generally the more passive one of my family. While my siblings would bicker, the second I were to begin arguing, I would just stop because I thought it was just pointless to argue. As a kid, I always wanted to be good to my family and to be praised for my small accomplishments. Even my siblings tell me I need to be more assertive with myself, which doesn't seem to come naturally (unless if it is a certain case like politics or something.)

    Anyhow, the 9 and 1 messages are pretty strong on me. Possibility that the 9 messages seem to ring the loudest (back to changing my type to 9w1?) It seems "You are good" is secondary to "Your presence matters."

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