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Thread: Tritype may be real after all

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    After developing an in depth understanding of the types/wings, tritype often becomes more obvious as real. It can be useful for explaining mistypes and why some 'seem' like a certain type. Many are averse to the idea of tritype initially - in most cases, tritype can only be seen accurately after years of understanding the types.

    The question then arises, of whether tritype can be useful in terms of self-development. Of course this depends on whether you are using the Enneagram for self-development to begin with; many use it only as a past-time, a way of analyzing themselves and others. From this perspective, it adds more layers to Enneagram typing. The problems of each type within the tritype are still worth addressing. Just like with any other Enneatyping, it can be a purely mental exercise which has no self-developing quality.

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    I disagree. There is no purpose to having three types; everything can be explained with one. It is contradictory to enneagram to have three driving motivations/fears in life. Tritypes are for people who get bored when they figure out their regular type and decide that 9 types isn't enough and need to be more 'special'.

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    Whatever problem you as a complex individual human being are going to have, this is going to be entangled in it somehow; Some factors might explain the majority of it but

    If the whole goal of the exercise is to avoid getting stuck in fixed patterns, it might help to know what the biggest factors are that you might be overlooking (and how those can hold illusions of their own)

    For me, once applied to a few specific problems/undue hesitations in my life, it helped me a lot and to see interconnections between different parts of me that I'd perhaps been too harsh with or, not understood how the useless parts are correlated with the useful ones & to be respectful/ mindful of all that.

    Because I'll be well aware of the, "Well, I want to have my own space" considerations and how they may or may not be actually legit, but, other ones might be more subtle but still there, still making an impact where the conscious mind can't account for them.

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