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Thread: The Contemplative - 459, 495, 549, 594, 945, and 954

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasilisa View Post
    Is it possible to be a 459 "triple withdrawn" with a primary social instinctual variant?
    And 14 months later I see this and respond. I'm still figuring out this tri stuff, but my tests are evenly split between 4, 5, and 9. I'm pretty sure I'm a 5w4 so/sx, and surely 549 would be accurate as well. So, yes, it's possible??

    I wouldn't call myself a particularly social person, but what social relationships and interactions I do have are very important to me. Even so, I'll choose alone time over seeing people if I need some alone time, even if I've been dying to see those people. I'm a friendly introvert.

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    is anyone else 495??

    i'm 4w5 9w8 5w4 specifically.
    i don't seem to see too many 9w8s in fellow INFPs' tritypes

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