here's a few to start. feel free to include, Enneagram, Istinctual Variant, Tritype or any other information you feel compelled to share =)

Beatrix Kiddo (The Bride): 8w7, SP/SX 852*
Bill: 5w4, SP/SX 584*
O Ren: 1w9* SX/SP* 154
Budd: 5w4 or 4w5 (he seems kinda 8 at first glance, but I think that's just because he's played by Michael Madson lol) 584
Elle Driver: 6w7* (I could see 3,6,7 or 8) SX/SO

Gandalf: no idea, I can see 1w9, 5w4, 8w9 or 9w8 SP/SO*
Frodo: 9w1 SX/SP 945
Sam: 2w1 SX/SO 261
Merry: 2w1* SX/SO*
Pippin: 7w6 or 9w1 SO/SP* 794 or 974
Legolas: 4w5 SX/SP 451*
Aragorn: 1w2 SX/SO
Gimli: 7w8 SO/SP 782
Elrond: 1w9 or 3w4 SP/SX
Boramir: 6w7 SO/SX
Bilbo: 9w1 SO/SP*

The Little Prince: 4w3 SX/SP 495

White Fang: 8w7 SP (I know he's a dog, but he is SO 8w7)

Harry Potter: 9w8* SX/SO 947*
Hermione: 1w9 SP/SX 153 or 154
Ron: 7w6 SO/SX 794
Snape: 5w4 SP/SX 584
Dumbledore: 4w5* SX/SP 459*
Luna Lovegood: 4w5 SX/SP 495
Malfoy: 3w4 SO/SP
Serius: 7w8* SX/SO*
Lupin: 4w5* SX/SP or SX/SO
Fred and George: 7w8 SO/SP or SP/SO 794
Voldemort: 5w4 or 8w9 SP/SX 853 or 583

*unsure, best guess