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Thread: Likelyhood of INTP...

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    Well I promised you I'd respond to your thread... but I had to go out of town and THEN when I got back my power was out for 24 hours... and after that my internet out for 2 days. X_X

    But INTP 4's aren't that uncommon. You could just have a strong 4 wing if you're considering 5 for your type. Maybe 5w4 sx/sp?
    I appreciate your response . It also brings to light a question that I actually have about enneagram. How far does the wing encroach on the overall personality before you begin to considered it (the wing) to actually be your type. Is there a certain boundary? I also remember you giving me a type 7 enneagram and I was wondering perhaps which you perceive to be more prevalent within me? I understand that their is no physical interaction between us, but perhaps my posts elude to a certain type.

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    You did give off a 7 feel, but also 5 integrates to 7 (might have seen some of that). And wings are still apparent within someone's personality, they're just more minor. Not the main motivation, but still one. I myself feel very 8, but I know deep down I'm still a 9. Maybe that's the case with you too?
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