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Thread: I don't buy the Enneagram Wings theory

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    Typology in general is deeply rooted in mysticism, which is why I don't take it seriously. I just use it for the lulz.
    A wise man has spoken.

    I actually am described very well as a 7w8 sx/so.

    Especially if you look at the descriptions of a (I hate this word but I have to use it) "healthy" 7.

    I am not at all accurately described by the 7w6 description, and not nearly as well by the 8w7 as by the 7w8.

    So for me, it works just fine.
    For others it might suck ass.

    No system will ever describe everyone accurately, or even to everyone's personal satisfaction.

    I'm not hatin' on highlander's OP, BTW, I'm just contributing my personal experience on this topic as I did alot of reading between the "wings" 6,7,and 8 and how they do/do not relate to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Petra Pan View Post
    thing is that when you fight with E4 he starts to make drama, likes attention, and goes "poor me", its all about me.
    when you fight with E5 he withdraws and wants you to leave him alone, doesnt want to share informations.

    so how does 5w4 acts when fighting..? cant see that overlaping that easy.
    It'd be internal drama wouldn't it?

    I'm a 6w5 and feel that it captures me rather well. Both parts are appear to be quite fundamental to me. The 6 is the individual that is uncertainty, while the 5 fills in all the gaps just to make the world a little safer for me.

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