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  • 1w9

    31 3.61%
  • 1w2

    23 2.68%
  • 2w1

    15 1.75%
  • 2w3

    20 2.33%
  • 3w2

    14 1.63%
  • 3w4

    23 2.68%
  • 4w3

    40 4.66%
  • 4w5

    155 18.04%
  • 5w4

    151 17.58%
  • 5w6

    89 10.36%
  • 6w5

    53 6.17%
  • 6w7

    21 2.44%
  • 7w6

    31 3.61%
  • 7w8

    51 5.94%
  • 8w7

    33 3.84%
  • 8w9

    14 1.63%
  • 9w8

    29 3.38%
  • 9w1

    66 7.68%
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Thread: Your enneagram type

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    Privileged Sh!tlord Array ZNP-TBA's Avatar
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    You are most likely a type 7 (the Enthusiast) with 8 wing
    Sexual variant
    Type 7 SX
    Type 3 SX
    Type 8 SO
    Type 2 SX
    Type 9 SX
    Type 1 SX
    Type 6 SX
    Type 5 SX
    Type 4 SX

    I'm quite new to enneagram and just took the test again. So a couple people told me recently that I'm not very expressive with my face (I tend to have a stoic look even in conversation) but I'm 'enthusiastic' in my words (speech or writing). I was wondering if my lackluster facial expressions may have compromised the 7 typing. It doesn't seem so but perhaps other factors such as cultural background could tend to make men more stoic in physical expression instead of 'zippy' and 'bubbly.' Really interesting stuff tho.

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    Watching 7 videos makes me think I am not a 7. Because I am not always 'happy' and fun loving.

    Can some one please link me the best test?

    PSTypes Enneagram Test Results

    The Distribution of Your Scores

    Type One: 15
    Type Two: 28
    Type Three: 22
    Type Four: 35
    Type Five: 53
    Type Six: 19
    Type Seven: 15
    Type Eight: 28
    Type Nine: 27
    Your probable Enneagram Type

    Your main type is 5.
    Considering the wings you should be a 5w4.

    This makes my triptype

    5w4 4w5 8w9

    In the videos I identify more with a 4 I think.....maybe I tested wrong.

    Either way it looks like 458 or 548:

    *Darkest tritype-458, 854, 584 (particularly when 4 or 5 are in charge)

    This is the the most intense type, particularly if sexual. Intuitive, knowledgeable and direct. This is the type that really craves knowing what makes people tick and builds what she calls mental or internal maps that are quite astute as to what makes people do what they do. This tends to be the darkest of the tritypes because of the intensity of the 3 types (particularly if 4 or 5 is in charge). David said there is a propensity toward the grotesque, anatomical or intensely esoteric. This is the "true scholar" and the life mission is to disseminate what information is found. The blind spot is this has 3 types that can be prone to arrogance and the attachment to the internal map of what they've found can make them blind to new information as it comes in. So there will be a tendency to become fixed in their worldview or ideas particularly about people and not take in new information. So while the map is quite extraordinary that they've painted they may miss a whole region and thus not have the full picture. This is also the most cynical and the tendency to be so overly opinionated can make people turn off to their wisdom. She said when 8 is in charge there is a bit more compassion, and with an integrated 5 or 4 in charge you get a gifted spiritual teacher (Russ Hudson for example)

    An intensely original archetype with a passion to explore and to find the hidden meaning in all things.

    the 548 tritype is the 5 most likely to appear 4-ish.

    This tritype seems peculiarly subject to flux, and thus can vary greatly, or have many different real selves.

    5-4-8's are subject to rapid oscillations of emotion and thought, equally capable of preternatural strength and weakness of mind at any given moment. One minute an angel, the next a cruel tyrant. A lot of love and a lot of hate. Exquisitely sensitive but all too capable of cruelty and callousness to others. One wants to know, in a totalizing and essential fashion, know poetically but know precisely as well, but never quite gets there.

    We are paradox-mongers, live in metaphor, and are always trying to find new ways to say and see things (and hence are often pretentious) - i.e. iconoclasts - but can be as pedantic, systematic and anally analytical as anyone - i.e. using our 5-ness to beat others at their own games when they have underestimated us as loose, kooky or not with it.

    5-4-8's have a predisposition to religion and philosophy, especially pessimistic and melancholic strains, but a commensurate disappointment with the lack of answers that satisfy us and a concomitant melancholy.

    I believe Nietzsche and Gurdjieff were of this tritype, though G may have had 7 instead of 5, but Katherine Fauvre very much agreed with me when I said there was something “Hermetic” about this tri-type. There is a kind of de-construction of present systems and a reconstruction into something that subverts previously-held notions. I like to think of myself as an “ontological terrorist”. Nietzsche is a beautiful illustration of what I see as the gift of this tritype – of staring past the fragility in the conceptions humans, as living and rational beings, hope to cling to and look into something “under”, to poke around in [blocked due to guideline #4 violation], and reveal the beauty within it.

    However, I still feel that the concept of change over time is very important to 548. I guess this is what I mean by different selves - the many different selves over one's life (which is also true of everyone). That is, think of Heraclitus's saw - you cannot step into the same river twice. Not just because the river has changed, but because you are - that minute to minute one's self is mutating, adapting, contradicting itself. This does not necessarily have to defeat the concept of a core coherent self, but certainly challenges it.

    I think our tritype is especially gifted with calling it’s fundamental beliefs into constant question. You’ve got 4’s emphasis on self-creation and thus change, the 5’s emphasis on clear perception, innovation, curiosity, and the 8 that confronts and challenges. There is always a readiness to undermine ourselves with an aim at change, but shows us what crap each construct we hold at every stage of growth really is and there is always the correct suspicion that whatever construct we hold in the present is simply a construction.]

    5-4-8: more reactive and temperamental, such Fives find it harder to control their emotions than other tritypes. They are basically sensitive, reclusive and ingenious, occasionally indulging in (romantic) day-dreams and fantasies, but once in a while their fierce, visceral side reveals itself explosively and gets to surprise people who don’t know them well. These Fives are usually selfish and whimsical, considering themselves entitled to special treatment which they will sometimes claim aggressively. They are prone to mood swings and rage outbursts.

    typical subtypes: sexual, self-preserving, 5w4
    similar tritypes: 5-8-4, 4-5-8
    flavours: innovative, temperamental, egocentric and intense

    Based on the above, I'm definitely a 548.

    That feels good.
    4w5 5w4 1w9
    ~Torah observant, Christ inspired~
    Life Path 11

    The more one loves God, the more it is that having nothing in the world means everything, and the less one loves God, the more it is that having everything in the world means nothing.

    Do not resist an evil person, but to him who strikes you on the one cheek, offer also the other. ~Matthew 5:39

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    Took another enneagram test. Second time taking these.

    Ecclectic Energies
    You are most likely a type 5.

    Taking wings into account, you seem to be a 1w9.

    It is not clear from these test results which Enneagram type and wing you are.


    Type 5 - 10.4
    Type 1 - 9.7
    Type 9 - 7.7
    Type 6 - 4.7
    Type 4 - 2.7

    Wing 1w9 - 13.6
    Wing 5w6 - 12.8
    Wing 9w1 - 12.6
    Wing 5w4 - 11.8
    Wing 6w5 - 9.9
    Wing 1w2 - 9.7
    Wing 4w5 - 7.9
    Wing 9w8 - 7.7
    Wing 6w7 - 4.7
    Wing 4w3 - 2.7
    Enneagram Test with Instinctual Variant results
    You are most likely a type 5 (the Investigator) with balanced wings

    Social variant

    Type 5 SO ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
    Type 4 SP |||||||||||||||||||
    Type 6 SP ||||||||||||||||||
    Type 9 SX |||||||||||||
    Type 1 SP ||||||||||||
    Type 7 SP ||||||
    Type 8 SP |||||
    Type 3 SX ||||
    Type 2 SP ||||
    Edit: Found the screenshot and email of the first time
    Enneagram Test with Instinctual Variant results
    You are most likely a type 5 (the Investigator) with balanced wings

    Social variant

    Type 5 SO ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
    Type 4 SP |||||||||||||||||
    Type 6 SP ||||||||||||||||
    Type 9 SP |||||||||||||
    Type 1 SP ||||||||||||
    Type 8 SP ||||||
    Type 7 SO |||||
    Type 3 SP ||||
    Type 2 SP |||

    Edit: My general conclusion is that I'm 514 or 594, so/sp
    5 balanced, 1w9 or 9w1, 4w5

    Whether I'm more 1 or 9 depends on the day. Some days I'm really laid back and don't give a crap about anything serious, and other days I loathe myself and how I always let myself get into such desperate situations as a direct result of procrastination or whatever reason but how dare I hint that such an attitude exists in my head (it's my own fault).
    Last edited by Snickie; 04-20-2016 at 12:50 AM.
    Accidentally offensive

    MBTI: IxTP (Ti-dom, leaning on Ne-aux)
    Socionics: idek anymore. SLI, ILI, LII....
    Enneagram: 9w1 > 5b > 4w5 sp
    Alignment: Neutral (inching toward Lawful neutral)
    Temperament: Phlegmatic/Melancholic > Sanguine (online persona) > Choleric

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    ILE Ti


    Typed based on learning the types, test inclined having strong: 4, 5, 1, 7
    However 9w1 is a better fit than to 1w9 (as well as being 459 is better than to 451), and I have stronger links to 5 than to 7.
    SX and SP seems fairly equal and it could go both ways; SX/SP, SP/SX. However SX/SP has a better overall fit to me.

    4w3 5w4 9w1

    163-SP | ILE-Ti | INTP
    Melancholic | Phlegmatic | Choleric

    MAL | MS | MT | LOL

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    Senior Member Array Mvika's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    4w3 sx/sp
    IEE Ne


    Are there any 3w4 who are also ENFPs here? I am the only "P" 3w4 I know!
    When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy.
    When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

    -Kahlil Gibran in The Prophet

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    Senior Member Array Yuu's Avatar
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    Sep 2016
    Duno None


    I'm an 8w7. Something I'm quite proud of considering how persistantly the world has tried to destroy my self-esteem.

    No idea how to find instinctual varient.

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