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    31 3.59%
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    23 2.66%
  • 2w1

    15 1.74%
  • 2w3

    20 2.31%
  • 3w2

    14 1.62%
  • 3w4

    23 2.66%
  • 4w3

    41 4.75%
  • 4w5

    155 17.94%
  • 5w4

    152 17.59%
  • 5w6

    89 10.30%
  • 6w5

    53 6.13%
  • 6w7

    21 2.43%
  • 7w6

    32 3.70%
  • 7w8

    51 5.90%
  • 8w7

    33 3.82%
  • 8w9

    14 1.62%
  • 9w8

    31 3.59%
  • 9w1

    66 7.64%
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Thread: Your enneagram type

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    Aww fuck I'm common here.Almost makes me want to switch to six.

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    Junior Member Array sostenuto's Avatar
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    Mar 2014
    5w6 sp


    Apparently, I got 5w6 w/sp variant. Interesting.
    Music creates order out of chaos: for rhythm imposes unanimity upon the divergent, melody imposes continuity upon the disjointed, and harmony imposes compatibility upon the incongruous. - Yehudi Menuhin

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    Senor Membrae Array Eugene Watson VIII's Avatar
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    idk sp


    I'm actually caught up between 4w5/4w3 and 9w1. :S

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    How am I 5w4 AGAIN? Second time tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyLazarus View Post
    Aww fuck I'm common here.Almost makes me want to switch to six.
    Haha stupid past self, you're not 4w5, you're 4w3. I am clearly the superior LL.*hair flip*

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    Tempbanned Array
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    May 2014
    EIE Ni


    6w5 1w2 3w2 sp/sx "The Defender"

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    Senior Member Array Rambling's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
    5w6 sx/sp
    ILI Ni


    Still 5w6 then 5w4. And sx / sp.

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    no great skills Array lumi's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    937 sp/so


    9w1 sp, despite what silly Enneagram tests say. (I keep testing as 4w3 or 5.) sp/sx, most likely, but there have been times in my life when I've been more sp/so-ish.
    “If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us.” - Hermann Hesse

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    5w4 sx/sp


    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    9w1 sp, despite what silly Enneagram tests say. (I keep testing as 4w3 or 5.) sp/sx, most likely, but there have been times in my life when I've been more sp/so-ish.
    I think you are a 4.

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    failure to thrive Array AphroditeGoneAwry's Avatar
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    451 sx/so
    ENFj Ni


    I hope this is the right place to put this...

    I thought I'd do some more delving into my type, to help differentiate if I am a 9 or a 7. I feel pretty confident that my enneatype is how it is listed in my signature, but I'm open to exploring the validity of that. Anyone who knows me, or loves to discuss enneatypes, feel free to respond!

    I wrote this this morning. I KNOW without a doubt I am an SX DOM, so don't worry about discussing that. I am SX/SO/SP, very strong on the SX.

    My Exploration into My Enneatype
    by AphroditeGoneAwry

    The bolded resonates with me:
    Sexual 7*- Seeking Intimacy/Intensity
    Udit Patel*"The Neophile (Ichazo's "Suggestibility")"

    Sexual Sevens seek stimulation, especially the stimulation of whatever is new, cutting edge, or exotic. They are extremely curious and often intellectually avid, and they bring the same searching engagement to their relationships. Sexual Sevens love to meet new people, to learn about them, and to get intensely involved with them—whether through conversation, shared adventures, or sexual experiences. They are often highly charismatic, having no trouble capturing people's attention with their energy, wit, and genuine desire to connect with people. They often frustrate themselves and others, however, because their attention is easily captured by what promises excitement. Sexual Sevens can shift from one intense focus to another too quickly for their own good. They can also become easily enthused about a new idea, person, or experience without checking it out thoroughly, often leading to regrets later on either in business or in relationships. When less healthy, they may indiscriminately pursue relationships or unusual, even dangerous, experiences for the excitement that it brings and to counteract boredom and inner deadness. The search for a variety of exotic and intense experiences can leave them burned out and dissipated.

    My thoughts:
    I think that the unbolded portions speak simply to the fact that most 7's are extraverted, and I am introverted.

    Sexual 9*- Seeking Intimacy/Intensity
    Udit Patel*Merging (Ichazo's "Union")

    Sexual Nines seek a sense of well-being by finding something or someone to merge with. They want to be at one with the world, with beauty, with nature, but especially with a special, ideal lover. That being said, Sexual Nines have many anxieties about losing themselves by submerging their identity in the other. Thus, they can sometimes appear ambivalent and emotionally conflicted, like Fours or Sixes. They sometimes attempt to "solve" the inner conflict between their desire for merging and their desire for independence by "triangulation." They engage in two separate, simultaneous relationships that serve different needs while never completely showing up in either. Needless to say, this can create the kinds of conflicts that Nines are trying to avoid.

    The overall affect of Sexual Nines is one of gentleness, ease, and flow, and they seek these qualities in others and in the environment. They also tend to be highly sensual, enjoying tastes, textures, and sensations. Although they resemble Fours in this regard, being ethereal and dreamy, their sensuality is earthy and embodied, and they are not as self-aware or self-doubting as Fours. Sexual Nines tend to be more imaginative than the other Variants—often with elements of gentle whimsy and heroic fantasy. They see the world in magical terms, investing even ordinary objects with a warm glow. They seem to take in the world with a wide-eyed wonder and have a characteristic child-like aura about them.*

    My thoughts:
    I have no anxiety. I have no conscious fears. I do not “want to get along” at all costs. I prefer truth over camaraderie. I'd rather hurt someone's feelings and tell them the truth, than keep the peace and tell them a lie. I am gentle, but I wouldn't say it's my primary affect. Inside I feel fearless and boldy assertive. Even though people see me as more 'laid back' (which always shocks me).

    7w8*- Seeking Stimulation and Power

    When healthy, Sevens with an 8 wing are often generous, gregarious and expansive. Tend to be exceptionally loyal to their friends, especially when social subtype. Leap aggressively to the defense of those they care for. Might seem loud or boisterous although some are urbane and witty. Enjoy social celebrations, storytelling, jokes, food and travel. Generally have a strong self-confidence for worldly matters and getting what they want. Talent for making something out of nothing - entrepreneurial. Usually share what they have when healthy, want everyone to enjoy their sense of bounty and wide range of interests. When more entranced, they may be demanding, displaying a selfish impatience and a self-justifying narcissism. May want what they want right now. Aggressive, hasty drive to acquire money and material options and recognition. Can demand that the people in their lives say only what the Seven wants to hear - sugarcoated truth. Lash out angrily if reality doesn't meet their expectations; sometimes vengeful. Often perfectionistic as parents (low side of 1). Moralize to others and then are themselves irresponsible. Amnesia for promises made in an expansive moment. Particular difficulty with sexual fidelity.

    9w8*- Seeking Peace and Power

    Awakened Nines with an 8 wing have a modest, steady, receptive core. They are charged by the dynamism of 8 - when focused on goals they often have great force of will. Get things done, make good leaders. May have an animal magnetism of which they are only partly aware. Can seem highly centered, take what they do seriously but remain unimpressed with themselves. 8 wing can bring a strong internal sense of direction. Relatively fearless and highly intuitive. Generally not intellectual unless they have it in their background. When more entranced, they manifest the contradictions of the two styles expressing them in sequence. Could be passively amiable like a Nine and then turn horribly blunt like an 8. One moment they are opinionated or nasty, next moment kindly and supportive. Often don't hear their voices when angry. Can have a sharp, grating edge. May be slow to anger and then explode. Or angry but don't know it; may confuse being assertive with being rude. Placidly callous - both styles support numbness. Tactless and indiscriminate and indiscreet. May be unwittingly disloyal, spilling everyone's secrets. Sexual confusion, sometimes they are driven by lust.

    ~All taken from the Enneagram Blogspot.

    Overall, I feel a sense of vigor in my essence, a vitality, a need to be completely emerged and ensconced in my passion. I am a purist; I dive into something so hard I will settle for nothing less than the Source. I like being edgy with my relationships, but not edgy with gadgets or sports. (I think this is the Ni/Fe/Te manifestation?) I worry that I will bore people, even though I am not usually bored by people. I am healthy, so most of the unhealthy descriptions do not fit me. I am driven to connect on as deep a level as possible with everyone, but especially my intimate partner. I do not care about money, nor fame. My simple ambition is to glorify my God.
    4w5 5w4 1w9
    ~Torah observant, Christ inspired~
    Life Path 11

    The more one loves God, the more it is that having nothing in the world means everything, and the less one loves God, the more it is that having everything in the world means nothing.

    Do not resist an evil person, but to him who strikes you on the one cheek, offer also the other. ~Matthew 5:39

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