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  • 1w9

    31 3.42%
  • 1w2

    23 2.54%
  • 2w1

    17 1.88%
  • 2w3

    20 2.21%
  • 3w2

    15 1.66%
  • 3w4

    23 2.54%
  • 4w3

    42 4.64%
  • 4w5

    166 18.32%
  • 5w4

    158 17.44%
  • 5w6

    91 10.04%
  • 6w5

    54 5.96%
  • 6w7

    21 2.32%
  • 7w6

    32 3.53%
  • 7w8

    53 5.85%
  • 8w7

    37 4.08%
  • 8w9

    15 1.66%
  • 9w8

    34 3.75%
  • 9w1

    74 8.17%
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    It's always something... PuddleRiver's Avatar
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    5w6 for now. Another test says 6w5. Yet another 9w1.

    Stay tuned I voted before I took this test.
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    Senior Member niffer's Avatar
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    8w9 sx/sp


    8w9..."the Bear" >__>


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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    holy shit am I a feeler?
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    Senior Member Crabapple's Avatar
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    Apr 2007


    Okay. I said before that I am a INFJ.
    I'm also a 6w5. What the heck does 6w5 mean? Off I go to look it up...
    But I'd appreciate a little help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crabapple View Post
    Okay. I said before that I am a INFJ.
    I'm also a 6w5. What the heck does 6w5 mean? Off I go to look it up...
    But I'd appreciate a little help.
    In a nutshell, the enneagram has varied aspects but for the basics, you have a core type,numbered 1-9. You also have residue of one of the adjacent numbers to the core type (i.e., core 6 has 5 or 7 wing (some theorist believe you can have both). The wing makes for a different type of 6. Also not to convalute the response, E6s vacillate between phobic or counter-phobic. Depending on who you read, some believe you are one or the other, whereas most enthusiasts believe it's a constant vacillating which makes the type so complicated. I won't even attempt to describe the variants (sp/sx/so), the levels of health and integrating to 9 or disintegrating to 3. Thomas Condon describes 6w5 as:
    Sixes with a 5 wing are generally introverted and somewhat intellectual. When healthy, they often have many realms of interest as well as surprising competencies and skills. May have an original and idiosyncratic point of view. Can be bookish; some are interested in history or feel rooted in the past or related to a long tradition. Also good at predicting the future. May test potential friends for a long time but once you're in, you're in - a friend for life.

    When more entranced, they may project a willed remoteness. Have a "tip of the iceberg" quality - they show little but you sense hidden dimensions, intensity and activity. Tension between needing to be seen and withdrawing for protection. Might act arrogant or cryptic or cynical when afraid.

    When phobic, can be diplomatic and say things without saying them. Entranced counterphobics are either cool and loners or argumentative, tending towards violence. Can brood over injustices to them, entertain conspiracy theories, spend time alone building cases. Paranoia in private. May like secretive behind-the-scenes group activity. Sneaky vengeance, passive/aggressive toward others, self-attacking and self-destructive at home.
    Hope that helps a little.

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    Junior Member Chaz's Avatar
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    Occasional Member Evan's Avatar
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    Nov 2007


    2w3 sx/sp

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    Senior Member INTJMom's Avatar
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    Sep 2007


    I might be a 5w4.
    Or maybe a 4w5

    I don't really relate to any of the descriptions entirely.
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    3w2, and it makes perfect sense.

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    I'm a 5w6, but does anyone have a really good online reference for the descriptions? I feel like there isn't a comparison for MBTI type descriptions to Enneagram. I'm too cheap to go out and read up on it.
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    Frankly, even though I voted for 5w4, I am actually not entirely sure whether I am a w4 or a w6. I once took a rather long enneagram test stating that my wings were, for the most part, balanced, yet I did still display a preference for w4. I know this has been discussed, but are there any fool-proof ways to figure out one's enneagram wing? Any precise ways to distinguish them?
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