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Thread: N00bish Question: Wings & Levels

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    Default N00bish Question: Wings & Levels

    Ok, so I'm new to this whole Enneagram/MBTI/Typology thing, and while skimming through some of your posts, more often than not I find myself getting overwhelmed and confused - heh. So I guess I'm looking for some clarification on a few subjects.

    I took an online test this morning, and I felt the results were pretty accurate. I strongly identify as a '2,' but when it came down to the wings/levels I got a bit lost. The two most popular wing-types seemed to be, "The Servant" 2w1 and "the Hostess" 2w3, neither of which description seemed to be a perfect match to me. Are there more profiles available to this type? Could I simply be a straight '2'? Is that even "allowed"?

    Also, if someone could help me understand how levels work, that would be pretty super, as I don't understand how a level is really any different than a wing. lol Thanks.
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    The Enneagram Institute's info is usually pretty good: 2 - Enneagram Type Two: The Helper

    Levels are definitely different that wings. You don't change your type, and you don't change your wing. However, you can move between the different levels of health within your type and wing (as described in the link above). And yes, you have to have a wing.
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