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    Life path = 5
    Attitude = 2
    Birthday = 4
    Soul number = 8
    Personality number = 7
    Destiny number = 3 (if you do it by the site -- if it's your way, it's 2)

    ...that's six different numbers.

    okay, now what does that mean.
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    Your Life Destiny Number is 11

    11's Destiny is to discover spiritual truths so they may inspire and bring joy to others by sharing their knowledge.
    An 11 Destiny is carried by "old souls" with a deep spiritual connection to the workings of the universe.
    They are meant to work for the good of all of us--to transform the lives of others for the better.

    Your Soul Number is 1

    Those with the number 1 as their soul number are fiercely independent and have a desire to lead others.
    With the exception of their own, they are not team players. Nor do they take orders well.

    Your Personality Number is 1

    Your Personality Number reveals the "external you"--the personality traits others will know you by.

    As is fitting with the number 1's prime directive to lead, those with a 1 personality number have the qualities of a natural born leader.
    They are the alphas of the pack and stand out in any group. They are confident, self-reliant and courageous.
    They are also blessed with a mind capable of formulating innovative solutions to old and new problems alike.
    As long as the 1 personality does not become overbearing, they should always find themselves in the position for which they were born: the head of the pack.

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    Your Life Path Number is 1
    Your Life Path Number represents the path you should take through life and the talents and skills you have to make your journey a rewarding one.

    The 1's life path is marked by developing their individuality, decisiveness, and force of will. They are meant to be leaders. Their endurance will ensure whatever task they tackle will get done on time and right.

    Your Life Destiny Number is 22
    Your Destiny Number sheds light on those things you must accomplish in your life to be fulfilled.

    Your life's mission is to build things which will improve the plight of humanity. You will take lofty ideals which will always remain only dreams to most of us and sculpt them into reality. At times your goals may seem almost impossible to reach, but your tenacity and refusal to give up assures you will realize success in the end.

    Your Soul Number is 9
    Your Soul Number describes your deepest desires and dreams and the person you truly want to be.

    You are the essence of compassion and love for your fellow man as well as the universe. You desire to create harmony, peace and beauty for all of us. Your compassion will often lead you to sacrifice you own needs to address those of others. While this sacrifice may tear at you some, your soul's need to heal others will over-rule any concern you have for yourself.

    Your Personality Number is 4
    Your Personality Number reveals the "external you"--the personality traits others will know you by.

    You are an ideal citizen: honest and willing to contribute to your community. 4s are conservative, responsible and industrious. They can be counted on to complete any task they take on. 4s do not like surprises or conflict and may flee from either. They make for great builders and managers. The foundations of many good communities have been built by 4s.

    Your Maturity Number is 5
    Your Maturity Number reveals the person you will come to be--your true self.

    A 5 Maturity Number ensures that throughout your life you will experience the thrills which come with change and constantly develop your free will. In your later years your personal freedom will be fully developed. You will still be a risk taker and embrace change. People will find you very attractive, because you have somehow managed to mature without losing your youthful spirit.

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    Life Path Number - 7
    Life Destiny Number - 7
    Soul Number - 1
    Personality Number - 6
    Maturity Number - 5

    First Pinnacle Number - 5
    Second Pinnacle Number - 5
    Third Pinnacle Number - 1
    Fourth Pinnacle Number - 4

    First Challenge Number - 1
    Second Challenge Number - 8
    Third Challenge Number - 7
    Fourth Challenge Number - 0

    First Cycle Number - 11
    Second Cycle Number - 3
    Third Cycle Number - 2

    Birthday Number - 3
    Personal Year Number - 7
    Personal Month Number - 7

    So, I'm an old soul who has earned free will, which I'll use for intense introspection that will be released creatively after my thirties.
    In my earlier life I struggle to be free from everything, and withdraw from the world completely, only to return later on and change the world as we know it with my wisdom and creativity.
    I'll also be required to lead people. Keeping in mind that the world will end in 2012, I will likely lead humanity to a better one.

    Sounds about right.

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    I also belive in numerology. But I don't know how would I calculate the numerology of my name.

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