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Thread: Ok it's time to put the microscope under the microscope - 5w6

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    Default Ok it's time to put the microscope under the microscope - 5w6

    What's really going on with the 5w6 at an mbti level of things.

    I have some ideas, and I am not satisfied with the current thinking about that is happening within this types four mbti functions, order of preference s.

    Who's in for a good thorough discussion.

    I am confident that the emperor is wearing no clothes and every one seems to be repeating very much what is being said about 5w6 by those around them,. "Ow..yes the emperor wears that sequenced preference to all public engagements" - " Ow yes a most fine choose of preferences" - spoke two of the members in attendance. They were so careful to be heard to be saying the right thing,...why even the CEO of: Magnificent Beautiful Telepathic Implants, was in agreement with the members attending court upon this fine day. - "We do assist in the over all presentation of the Emperors most fine appearance," spoke the CEO in tern while to ,projecting praise for the emperors wonderful appearance. - "a fine job you do Sir" ,in praise...spoke an admirer of the emperor

    I may have contradicted myself because my infj nine component lead with that metaphorical snippet of story where as my infp nine component of the duality of my nine-ness recognises that there is a formal structure and the the complexity is large but perceptible. And I believe the 5w6 is less complex to explain than maybe thought.

    The area of complexity I see is in the instinctual stacking of the 5w6, this part maybe the part of the puzzle that may need more attention, it maybe the part that determines the nature of an auxiliary appearance or array of appearances by the individual expressing as a individual type.

    I think we need to think this through and look a little deeper,. So what are your thoughts? observers of 5w6's and 5w6's what are your thoughts?


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    Default Ok it's time to put the microscope under the microscope - 5w6

    Well if we are to start at the deep end I would like to contribute this image. It frames much of my thinking in a contextual frame work. A magnet has two ends an we have two eyes to see the would through and further more there are two blind spots within each of our two eyes. We synthesise information and our eyes help us within this process the hart to has its magnetic field and the brain has its electromagnetic operation along with the activity of the body as a living unit of life expressed.ImageUploadedByTapatalk1424399550.062597.jpg

    Your thoughts ? , feel free to shear your thoughts and ideas. I am curious as to what others may think along the lines of this topic and how they may view the structural order of the mbti operating along side the enneagram within minds mechanical operation - operations of cognitive activity.

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    Default Ok it's time to put the microscope under the microscope - 5w6

    One of my favourite things to think about is the subtypes, and I am starting to think about it in a new way with the shadow wing in mind so now I have two part to think about.

    Another thing I am thinking about is a context of operation, in three part and four parts and the probability of the two working not apart but in unison as a whole part a third part, Host in this context would be a fourth part.

    I will try and keep it simple to understand.

    From what I spoke of above: the eyes, the hart, the brain would be three parts. And the eyes, the hart, the brain, the body would be four parts, and a fifth part would be Host. I know I said three and four but I have broadened the content of the context to five parts so to say, and that ok because we are both spiritual and mechanical and I see the self as being the Soul and Greater Nature as the Host of experience & environment, and the cosmos as an environment and the selfs own body as also to an environment.

    But I do not want to get of track.

    So back to the eighteen subtypes energies.

    I have a suspicion that the energy of the the layer that we know of as subtype energies may have a complex structure and part of is complexity maybe that it has a mechanical order that has more to do with just personalities expressions of the eighteen subtype energies.

    So I entertain a degree of lateral thinking, and I allow my self to think in terms of what if .. What if the subtype energies can be decided in to three parts. And my thinking leads me to entertain this possibility.

    I draw my ideas from a model I have manifested some eighteen years a go, and hear is a photo of of it and I include an other of the structure I see for the 5w6 and 9w1. Please note that I also believe that all types can express all 16 mbti typology expressions so to say but I also firmly believe that there is also a set structure and structures within that frame work that work in such a way that what I am presenting is valid and real at the level of the subtype energy component, action.


    So my abstract idea is based on a question, what if at the levels of the subtypes, things work in three parts and four parts ,what shape or configuration would these parts take?

    And my reasoning brakes it down this way.

    One part: Ambidextrous S&N ESNTJ ---and--- Ambidextrous T&F INTFP


    A second part: ESTJ and INTP


    A third part: ENFJ , ISFJ , ISTJ , ISTP , ENFP , ENTP , INTJ , ISFP , ESFP , ENTJ , ESTP , ESFJ .

    And a fourth part: all parts, INFP , ESNTJ , ESTJ , ENFJ , ISFJ , ISTJ , ISTP , ENFP , ENTP , INTP , INTFP , INTJ , ISFP , ESFP , ENTJ , ESTP , ESFJ , INFJ .

    At this point I would like you to think of the list of four as one of two, within a frame work that looks like this:






    I am not going to place the four into witch one of the two I may think the three divided and one hole list Of the list of eighteen i have provided because I am not shore yet. I have an idea

    I would say that the other or the remaining four spaces weather it be: 0 1 2 4 or 1 2 3 4 belongs to the contemporary model. (left brain? right brain?) an idea.

    Another thought structure that I like to think about is a little more abstract and I only have it on the back burner but I will bring it to the table.

    It comes in three parts and four parts and it stems from my five dot thory model.

    Like the model top bottom left and right i have:

    Positive, neutral, negative ,at the top position. Negative closest to the circle.
    Positive, neutral, negative ,at the bottom position, negative furtherest from the circle.

    These are to be viewed as being on the out side of a circle.

    Neutral, positive, negative ,on the left hand side. Negative closest to the circle.
    Neutral, negative, positive ,on the right side of the circle positive furtherest from the circle.

    An other:

    ______ Holy

    Mind__ & __ Creation

    _____ Trinity

    And another:

    _____ Holy Trinity



    And a fourth being my five dot model as five dots like a letter X with a dot in the model and a dot on all four corners.

    So there you have three and four.

    This is not meant to be sheared in order to be placed in the the other four places, still not accounted for to be suggested or filled in,because I think of the standard randomness as being of all 16 MBTI plus two spaces as maybe filling that side but perhaps this abstract list of three and four the forth being the five dots may have some thing to do with the structure and its flow.

    Something I have never forgotten is something Physicist David Bohm was said to have said and I quote - there is order in chaos and chaos in order. Let chaos be and chaos will let you be.

    And for that reasoning I believe we can witness an understanding of the basic pattern.

    And that's one reason why I feel comfortable with a two part two four part model. It just seem right in my visceral awareness ,and my common sense leads me to shape my model as I have and continue to shape it like.

    A further note:

    1 __ 4
    2 __ 2
    3 __ 1
    4 __ 0


    P.s. don't get stuck on the Holy Trinity term, it relates to Greater Nature , Essential Being , Mortal Awareness as a mortal being. Host , Spirt , Self.

    But I like the context as it is in the FiG it line Id and the law of three with a larger unknown contextual dynamic. So to say.

    Holy Love has its contextual place but not quite in that Fig Or the other. This is more raw as if hosted orientated, a macanical level.

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    Default Ok it's time to put the microscope under the microscope - 5w6

    I will have to get back on topic, 5w6 and structure , fractal - resonance , what shape do I see as its...figure eight like move from and return to 5w6.

    Need some more recharge N space to let the f codifying mechanism to do its thing.

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    Default Ok it's time to put the microscope under the microscope - 5w6

    Two rings , three rings , one ring , like the three ring imposable object.

    Perhaps the two blind spots one in each eye is like the third ring and therefor there must be three because there are three positions the three making a one balance of out come.

    Two and one - Two and one - two and one

    One third + One third + One third = One hole. And Six rings that are two rings of three rings that are perceived via two eyes with one blind spot within each eye. What an unusually interesting idea for thinking about a switch.

    A help to.....Switch. For understanding with in environment

    But dose that make sense? There are more that one single fraction there are many fractions working to manifest movement between a multiplicity that has constituting part of a hole. And part within part many parts.

    Orr no ..... The Void .... The Absence .... The Structure.. And the ordinary.

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    Default Ok it's time to put the microscope under the microscope - 5w6

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    Default Ok it's time to put the microscope under the microscope - 5w6

    I have chosen to side track, after thinking about the potential and possible volume of insight I will wait and view the subjective slice or membrane that is sonics.

    I believe I can geometric-psychometrically unravel a full path a two way path returning via the circle to each point of the Dual-Action Ambidextrous S&N Ambidextrous T&F .

    But there is no rush first things first before I begin my survey and insight gained record.

    I need to stabilise my a simulation of a medication i have chosen to utilise as a catalyst for concentration and memory . I figure six weeks will allow me to know if the catalyst is a, successful agent of change, retransformation unto a higher action desired. - "cognitive-cognition-actions" .

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