Okay i'll start

oohh na na na na hey you
yeah you in the black dress
with the fine ass
that body so right yes

you definitely leaving with me
i know exactly how you like it
that smile is stunning

Im on this here mic ready for ya lovin
on that...yeah that
bless that...Im a missionary
Love that...Im so creative you callin me by my name...visionary
imagine this ,tonight its going down when the lights go
we never going home
we in that zone
bae i kno you prone to fantasize
but right here when you with me we here to get it right
yeah tonight

im crazy i know it,
you the reason
its all your fault
i cant help you so dayum hot
im hooked on you
addicted to your curves
you like a drug you like a surfer
im the wave
Im your hero and your heart is the exact thing im tryna save

lol that was fun...