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    Taylor Swift

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    What type do you all think Taylor Swift is???
    I've thought about this a lot and couldn't find anything online. After a lot of thought, I came to the conclusion that she's an ESFJ.

    - She loves signing autographs and talking with her fans; gets energy from it and performing = E.
    - Very observant of the world around her, pays attention to her life and doesn't idealize herself very much; sees herself for who she is and very down to earth = s
    - Just listen to her songs... all about feelings and how people make her feel and how she feels around others = F
    - She mentions in blogs numerous times how she loves organizing and planning = J

    "ESFJs are easily wounded. And when wounded, their emotions will not be contained. They by nature "wear their hearts on their sleeves," often exuding warmth and bonhomie, but not infrequently boiling over with the vexation of their souls. Some ESFJs channel these vibrant emotions into moving dramatic performances on stage and screen."

    Everything about her just screams ESFJ to me! What do you all think?
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    "Imagination creates beauty, hope, magic, and happiness, which are everything in this world."
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    Senior Member Scott N Denver's Avatar
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    Umm, how about INFJ. I strongly see I, N, J, , and Ni, and she ain't a T. Many singers and songwriters are NF's. Having heard here lyrics, dude totally INF, totally INFJ. Sara Evans would be an example of an ESFJ. I think Martina McBride and Faith Hill are both ENFJ's. Carrie Underwood ENFP. Miranda Lambert INFP. Sherrie Austin ENFP.

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    I'd say that she's an intuitive... I've only really heard one song, but it seems to be full of analogy and subtleties... imagination, fully wrapped up in her own little world. I'm not quite sure how to identify idealists (I don't have much to work from), but she does fit whatever I think an Idealist is.

    I'm thinking ENFJ, but possibly INFJ... It's often hard to tell with intuitives. But then again, I just watched the romeo & juliet video to make sure, she definitely reminds me of an INFJ I know.

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    ESFJ based on her one song that I know.
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    I have thought about this for a while and it has always been between ESFJ and INFJ for me, but I think that INFJ is a better fit.

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    I think ESFJ is a good call, saw her briefly on MTV at some kids prom [lucky bastard] and she gave off that vibe. However I know nothing about her so I can't give a good guess.

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    IxFJ? I kind of get ISF(P) from her music, but I can definitely see the J now that I think about it. I can't rule out INFJ, but it didn't ever occur to me. I like her.

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    At least it doesn't matter if she acts like an ESFJ if she's a show star because every show star acts like that.

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    I love her Love Story song and music video, and yes, the song is very INFJ or INFP. I see how people might think INFJ based on her song lyrics. Her personality is quite different though -- from what I've seen in her interviews.

    Start watching at 2:40 minutes in:

    YouTube - Taylor Swift Dateline NBC special part 3

    The entire dateline special was so great, if any of you Tay fans want to watch it!
    "Imagination creates beauty, hope, magic, and happiness, which are everything in this world."

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    I have watched a few of her blogs on youtube and she is really funny/cute. I would guess eNFj.

    Ne > Ni > Ti > Fi > Te> Fe > Se > Si

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