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Poll: What Personality Type is Ariana Grande?

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    So/Sp 3s are dry, calculating and formal. the "girly" 3 is the Sexual 3. imo, she is either Sexual 3 or Self Preservation 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    So/Sp 3s are dry, calculating and formal. the "girly" 3 is the Sexual 3. imo, she is either Sexual 3 or Self Preservation 2
    I used to think she was warm and bouncy back before she released The Way, but after she got big her whole demeanor changed and now she has a colder and drier attitude imo.



    She still has a girly style though.
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    I found Ariana Grande difficult to type. But I'd lean slightly more towards ESFP than ESFJ.

    I could be wrong though.

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    Definetly an ESFx. But I would say ESFJ. She seems mostly articulated and composed in her expression outside of her ADD problems. So I'd say she's ESFJ good girl with leanings to go bad, like Rihanna.

    2w3 Sx/So. Anyway she's extremely beautiful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmotini View Post
    I get why you would say that, but I think the ESFP overlay thing is her attempt to fit in as a pop star, that her motive is actually the Fe dom need to fit in (be sexy like Nicky Minaj, be retro because it's fashionable not because she has developed any complex individual style). Her lyrics in her songs lack deep introspection but are about love and relationships and showcase her vocal talent. She is a vegan but very preachy about it, not like here's how to be a vegan and why I believe in it, but like you ate a hamburger you're an asshole kind of vegan. Her animated rubber face expressiveness is usually more of an Fe than Fi trait.

    I definitely think she's an E3 at any rate, and very much playing the part of the cold unattainable doll quite literally to the hilt, without irony and without a back story in her lyrics to support it.

    Her bizarre similarity to her also self absorbed obnoxious brother and attempts people have made to say he sets the tone (he's probably the real ESFP) and she is following big brothers lead because of familial Fe. Thus speculation is compunded by reports that her mother is also very entitled and snobby. It's a family trait, not Fi self centered oblivion.

    That's my take on her, from a much wider variety of information than the old video.
    Forgot to post this here, but yeah this argument convinced me. ESFJ. It especially makes sense if Frankie is the real ESFP.
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    UGH SHE'S SO CUTE. I have the biggest crush in the world on her.
    I think she's an ESFP.

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    Nothing in any of her interviews made me think ENFP at all.... I lean heavily towards ESFJ as her typing, she definately a Fe user, heavy emphasis on the viewer in anything she does... always looking towards the audience rather than who ever she is speaking to... imo strong indicator of Fe. Calling her brother her best friend (family emphasis) the effortless pouty poses and loads of time for her fans, positively relishing in it. In the interview asking about boys she came up with some very typical social scenario outcomes and etiquette much more SFJ than FP. Emphasis on 'normal' rather than out of the box. Yeah I'm happy with ESFJ for her.
    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"
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    Don't know shit about her but esfj based off looks.

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