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    (Plays Piper Chapman on Netflix's "Orange Is the New Black")

    For those familiar with her, what do you think of her possible personality types? To start, I'd say from what I've seen of her I think she may be a Fi-dom, but that's all up to interpretation.

    Any ideas?
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    Here's two other links to interviews:
    13/10/02 - Taylor Schilling's PaleyFest interview - YouTube
    Here's she talking about how she relates to Piper's character, how Piper is one thing to the outside world, and something entirely different on the inside. She stresses this a lot, which makes me think she's actually a Se-dom. She seems very "worldly" in the way an extraverted Sensor would; it looks like she makes something out of nothing with her answers to questions, and really has to think before she says something concrete. That could go in either Perceiver direction, I think.

    On a talk show. She seems bubbly, but Fe? I can't quite tell:

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