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Thread: Bruce Lee

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    That's my old thread. I got tired of that topic. People can never say for sure...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mal12345 View Post
    Immanual Kant may have been an INTJ and not INTP - extraordinary iq, extremely rigid doctrinaire, he had such a tight daily schedule that the people in his town adjusted their clocks according to his routine.
    "For INJs, patterns aren't 'out there' in the world, waiting to be discovered. They're part of us--the way we make sense of the riot of energy and information impinging on our systems. A disease syndrome is a useful construct, but that's all it is--an aggregate of observations attached to a label, telling us what to see and how to deal with it."

    That describes Kant's philosophy in a nutshell. INTJ.
    "If you try to build something that is idiot-proof, the universe will build a better idiot."

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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    I know what VI is. There are multiple theories, and they go beyond long and round faces. Some revolve around neutral expressions, eyes, posture, etc..
    noverbal behavior

    The very type galleries that were originally the springboard for these theories don't show obvious similarities either
    Initial appearing of VI is not by Filatova. Nonverbal behavior of types described first Augustinavichute in "Dual nature" (1983) (look there her description of shizotim/cyclotome - traits relating to J/P in modern socionics).

    this also goes without mentioning that not all of those types clearly correspond with MBTI
    Types in socioncs and MBT on preferences level are the same (look socioncs books and tests using preferences and compare with what is in MBT). The difference is in types profiles (based on wrong functional model in MBT), functional models (wich are different in MBT and at Jung) and functions descriptions (wich are bad developed by MBT followers).

    Ekaterina Filatova had happened to take pictures of people in her consultings with people, but she had never proposed anything about VI.
    Well, her books have descriptions of types having elements of image method based on nenverbal behavior and even phisiognomy. It was not her main method, but most probably she used VI in some degree, but less than some think (some things she mention just as hypothesis).

    Secondly, is run only by one guy.. who isn't one of the main researchers behind any of it.
    socionics have no main researchers at all, and no serious experimental researching (need to mention, MBT have no good experimental results too, but had some researching). there are popular names in socionics because of their theoretical/hypothetical works, but no commonly respected practioneers.

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    many people type Kant as INTJ but I just dont see it at all.

    INTJs have visions.
    Kant constructed piecemeal systems that he continuously revised.

    INTJs start with the conclusion and then build up the argumetns
    Kant starts with the arguments, and then builds up the conclusion

    INTJs put their arguments is oracular tones
    Kant puts his arguments in "grey paper wrapping" og meticulous arguments
    best collection of philosopher typings online

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    TP= toilet paper

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    Martial arts to him was about self expression. It was not about fighting, but being HIMSELF. He was extremely philosophical- watch his interviews. He was attentive and answered questions in depth. He came up with his own views on fighting and his OWN system. He was his OWN man, had his own views, and frequently talked from his own perspective. He was not traditional, or attempting to go against tradition; he was comfortable being true to his own self. His philosophies on fighting were very tao. He spoke with an undercurrent of emotion and passion when talking about the things he loved. I couldn't believe when I stumbled across him... I do martial arts, and have found no one who really saw it the same way I did until I came across him.

    He has to be a Fi first, I say he's either isfp or infp. He had a beautiful grasp on intuition and his own sense of self.

    I'm interested in his enneagram, I say that he's some combo of 4, 9 and maybe 7. I definitely think he has a tonne of sx energy. I reckon for his core, he might be a sexual nine, and four being extremely close.

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    On second thoughts, 6w7 instead of 7. And with the 9, I reckon he's got some 9w8 with a 8w7 subwing.

    He has a pretty strong connection to 7, I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jixmixfix View Post
    He was a passionate person but you could tell his feelings towards others and himself weren't very sensitive.(aka he was no softy) Bruce lee's training regiments were very intense and brutal. His Independence towards the martial arts was more for effective combat skills than self expression. If self expression was the main reason for him to invent jeet-kune-do he would of been known as a flashy "film style" fighter, than a true martial artist. He also had a passion towards creating effective efficient combat with jeet kune do. Creating maximum efficiency is a core ISTP treat.
    Self expression is not about flashyness, it's about truth. Focusing on training your body to convey what you want to say; Conveying your truth. It's not a show; this is a comment he once made in an interview, where he said that it would be easy to pretend and such, but being true to yourself is much harder.

    Good points though.

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    Yes, he was more of a martial artist. In fact, it was Chuck Norris who told him he needed to step it up a little.. that people love to see him do more kicking. Bruce was Kung Fu based, but he evolved in a way that kept his legs for low blows and footwork. His JKD (and fitness) teachings were obsessed with efficiency. Why exert oneself to kick in the head when you could break their shin or kick them in the nuts? He took the advice though, and mixed it up for the screen. Even then though, it wasn't very flashy.

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