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Thread: Chris Rock

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    introvert? I can see that, based on interviews I've seen and the character in Everybody Hates Chris

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    I can't see an INTP being as relatable and "black community"-conscious as he is. His humor is more "have you ever walked into a barber shop and...." instead of weird, IxxP stuff.

    ENTP 6w7.

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    INFJ, maybe INTJ.

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    My impression of him has always been that he seems informal, personable, and genuine in what he says (speaks his mind about things without sugar-coating anything or caring about who it may bother).

    Personally, I could see that being a Te/Fi thing. People who are more Ti/Fe seem to care more about what they convey to other people through their speech and expressions; it's less saying things as you plainly think them and more about matching their thoughts to another person/group, it seems. But then again, that doesn't have to be type related, but differences I've noticed between different people.

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    I think he has to be ENTP.. he def isn't a sensing type, he's clearly extroverted (consistently more wired in interviews, naturally high energy), seems too reserved and emotionally detached to be ENFP or ENFJ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleuthiness View Post
    Anyone think maybe entj?
    Yeah, I think ENTJ could be likely.

    Surprised this page doesn't have more action considering his amazing job hosting the Oscars.

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