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Thread: Driving games?

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    Default Driving games?

    This thread ( and my own learning to drive got me wondering what driving games might be out there that do at least a somewhat reasonable job of modeling automobile handling physics (ideally something that models having to shift between forward and reverse instead of up and down on the controller), and have a city simulation/environment that does not have a time limit (or a very long time limit if there is one).

    Driving games are not something I normally enjoy, but I figure there are probably at least some that do a decent job that are not racing games. Stuff like GTA, how well is the driving portion done and how realistic/plausible is the traffic in those games - could you play it as a driving sim trying to get used to driving with traffic and parking? I only have a PC and PS2 currently connected but I have a DC, PS1 and N64 in storage that should still work, so any recommendations on those platforms would be preferred but I'd still like comments on the newer consoles as well to get an idea of what all is out there.

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    Grand Turismo 4 is probably the most realistic driving simulator out there currently. However, it is focused on racing, not "normal" traffic situations. Good for understanding the physics of it though, with regards to how steering is affected by line, speed and when you brake.
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    My favorite is Fast & Furious Drift. Mostly for the amazing detail in all of the scenery that you can crash into.
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