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Thread: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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    A few quick thoughts on the movie.

    1. The movie works best, for the most part, when it focuses on new characters. Rey is a particularly compelling protagonist. I'm interested in the further adventures of these characters, which is ultimately what the movie needs to do to be successful. For the most part, the bits with the old characters felt like fan service and were kind of distracting.
    2. The riffs on plot elements didn't bother me. I expect the next movie will be more daring in that respect. To me it seemed like this was something they did to signal to people that this would be more like the OT, and less like the prequels.
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    I watched it finally yesterday! With no spoilers before besides one teaser (proud of myself)


    For now it's going to be all the consctructive review from me. Maybe I will came back and write more later.
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    My take on it was similar to @Vulcan's. Whenever the old characters appear or are mentioned, I felt like the new characters were experiencing it as though they were fans placed inside the Star Wars universe (that sums up how the whole film felt to me).

    That said, that approach is part of what made the film fun, when it wasn't overdone. I liked experiencing the film through the eyes of the new characters and their excitement was contagious. It made for some great moments but also for some really obvious "fan service" moments, but at least the fan service never felt as awkward or forced as it did in the prequels, where it felt like Lucas was lazily incorporating the sort of jokes and references he thought people would want to see.

    Otherwise, the criticisms I'm reading of the film seem misplaced. Some people have said Rey and Finn are too perfect, but I thought each had plenty of flaws to overcome. The other major criticism is that it replicates the plot of episode IV. This is only partially true, but I don't think it's a bad thing. There were parallel and converging themes and tropes between VII and other SW films, and it was fun to identify them and see how this film fits into the greater hero's journey of the entire series. I don't expect originality at this point and anyone who complains of unoriginality in franchise fantasy sci-fi should probably avoid franchise movies to begin with.

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    Did anybody notice if the Wilhelm scream was in The Force Awakens? Pretty sure it's been in every Star Wars film to date.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crabs View Post
    Did anybody notice if the Wilhelm scream was in The Force Awakens? Pretty sure it's been in every Star Wars film to date.
    I noticed it in at least one scene.

    You can't make a Star Wars film and not use the Wilhelm. That would be like sushi without wasabi or atoms lacking nuclei.
    Reminds me of how Bond villains scream when they fall
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    I saw this movie tonight. Not bad, overall, though certain elements seemed like they should have been more emotional and just fell flat to me. Despite all the criticisms of the prequels, Anakin Skywalker was more emotionally complex and compelling than Kylo Ren. Revenge of the Sith was a better movie, imo.

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    I took my boys today. Still digesting. I had been very worried about out with J.J. Abrams at the helm (I have serious problems with his Star Trek movies), so I was pleased here.

    Initial thoughts

    Anyway, I enjoyed it.
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    This movie overall sucked but was carried through by the excellent film production and directing. The screen play was total garbage and it felt like I was watching a patch job on to the true story of the Skywalker family.

    It was loaded with political agendas and clearly made to appeal to the greatest common denominator, the lowest quotient of intelligence, and the most superificial aspect of the collective psyche.

    I would give this movie a summary of Toy Story filtered by Star Wars scenes. Overally, it was dismal. The Han Solo and Lea Skywalker love thing was brutal to watch and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemies.

    The movie had great scenes though that seemed to be pulled out of a comic book and above average, ableit not great, acting on behalf of the new protagonists - who it was very hard to feel anything for, even for the most empathetic of us.

    The movies with Anikin were pure garbage too...but at least Anikin was a much better and more interesting character than any of the new ones in these movies.

    Overall, I do not mind that Star Wars has become a crap fest for it never tickled me after the first three that were made in the seventies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GarrotTheThief View Post
    after the first three that were made in the seventies.
    troll post lol
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