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Thread: Jurassic World

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    I thought the movie was enjoyable...but honestly, only because my eyes were glued to Chris Pratt's bod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    The T-Rex WAS chasing her to eat her. It's just that somehow she managed to outrun it while wearing heels.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ozzy View Post
    I thought the movie was enjoyable...but honestly, only because my eyes were glued to Chris Pratt's bod.

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    Oh, he's so light on his feet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ozzy View Post
    I thought the movie was enjoyable...but honestly, only because my eyes were glued to Chris Pratt's bod.
    Between him and Chris Evans, Marvel's got a lock-down on my eyeballs.

    (Weird side note: Pratt's wife Anna Faris and I have the same birthday. For all that means. ha.)
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    Ill post this here as well. Already did in the what you watched thread.

    I went into it not expecting much but a few thrills, probably decent special effects, but not really thinking that the plot would be all that fantastic. Thought that it was going to be one of those movies that is just held together because of its budget and would be banking off the popularity of the first few films. It was better than I expected and I did enjoy the experience.

    While the plot was pretty predicatable and did grab at a few cliche elements I thought, it did put in a solid effort for the nature of the film. Put in too much story you have to take away from something, namely the action of this movie which was probably the most important. They had the romance, the transformation of a characters values-a character seeing the light, a token semi-misguided power hungry human antagonist, the nerdy one liner comedic relief guy, any character that you would expect rolled up into one. I did appreciate the attempts at levity though, and I do like Jake Johnson. Feel like he gave a pretty good performance in his small part, he played a character that was in his range to play. The fat bald guy, not so much. His acting was a bit flat to me, not bad, but not as convincing as it could have been.

    I had a few issues with how the primary female character was treated in the film. She is an upfront, highly organized,(I am assuming ESTJ) ambitious, and independent woman, yet she is almost villainized just for expressing her natural tendencies. Her sister (Fe type I am thinking, ESFJ/ISFJ possibly, not really shown enough) completely overreacts to the information that she was too busy to spend time with her nephews IMo completely obnoxiously, in where the sister blames her and makes some comment on how she WILL understand when she herself becomes a mother. Like it is a fact or a phase that she is going through or something and once she gets hit with the magical baby of understanding all the secrets of life will be revealed and she will repent and recognize the foolishness of her career woman ways. And this is never really challenged. Actually, at the end of the film she pretty much does seem as if she is moving in the same direction as her all knowing sister by getting a traditional relationship. Not that there is anything wrong with that at all, but it seems as if that is being shown as the only absolute right. I don't know, that whole story line with her annoyed me. Why can't she just be. Sure she said she was going to take care of her nephews, but plans change. She got busy with her job, which pays the bills, which supports her own individual lifestyle/life, it isnt like she really could have avoided it. But she is treated like some ice bitch because she was responsible to hire someone to take care of the boys instead of I don't know... Canceling the trip all together, making them stay in the room. So what if she hasnt seen her nephews in a while? She lives on the other side of the world from them, and she is busy with her own life. It is her choice as an individual how involved she wants to be. I mean it wasnt like she even had any say or participation in the creation of her nephews, she doesn't really have any responsibility towards them. There was more to the movie that I enjoyed. The special effects as I said were spectacular. Honestly if I was going to get attacked by dinosaurs it might just be worth it if I got to do it in a park like that. I enjoyed how the disinterest and entitlement and expectations were played out with the older brother. The divorce storyline was odd to me, but I guess it just showed the dynamic between the two brothers and kind of created and explained the gap and distance that was between them that was wrapped up into the overall storyline. The started from this point and throught shared experience got closer/true colors came out sort of thing.

    The science was really cool. Again I like the references to innovation and sort of the message that expectaion and innovation are directly linked and at some point expectation can come at a detriment. The sometimes enjoy and appreciate what you have sort of thing. That nothing will never be enough, when one ceiling is blown another higher one will just be built sort of thing. Just again the entitlement. There is more but this is getting long.

    I had some huh moments though. Like why would they create this super dinosaur without literally testing everything-every possible scenario-for liability/safety reasons. The smallest thing that happens with this animal and they are screwed. They should have created a robot with similar characteristics size and inteligence wise, seen what damage it could do, and then judge whether it was worth it. I get that the dinosaur used trickery, and maybe it wasn't completely the fault of the owners... But why send 3 people into the cage of the missing animal all alone, that just seems stulid and irresponsible. I mean they should have known to be super careful. For one, any disturbance can literlaly destroy their park-all of the money/value they put into it- any misstep. They test rollercoasters again and again and again for safety. Why the hell didn't they DEMAND detailed information about this potentiall dangerous... No not potentially-I mean it ATE its sibling(not that unusual with animals but still they seemed slightly concerned/disturbed by it. But concern is not enough for them to actually take action/precaution I guess?). Why would you have a dangerous animal that could possibly destroy the entirety of your park and be comfortable only knowing half of the information! Didn't you learn not to mess around after hearing the stories of what happened at Jurrassic park? Just why?

    And the missing information about the animal. They built it up so that it sounded like it would be something interesting-personally I thought it would end up being part human- but then it ended up being part raptor instead. Ok... I mean I guess, but why would scientists leave that out? I mean it is part T-rex as well, and they had T-rexs in the park so it isnt like it was a conflict of interest. And I would think that T-Rexs would be more dangerous and possibly objectionable than raptors. Oh but the scientists were probably aware that they would be able to communicate with the raptors, they had this all worked out and had solid reason to keep it secret... No. I mean I sort of understand why they played up the secretiveness, they wanted you to be shocked when the raptors turned and recognized the hybrid dinosaur as their new alpha-they wanted that part lf the plot to make sense. But I don't know, I still think that was odd and that an explanation of it having a bit of human DNA would have been cool. Then Claires objectification of them could have been put in a different light, that the beast was vaguely related to her and if she was locked up in a cage in isolation she might react in a similar way. But since the dinosaur was in the body of a dinosaur consequences for the actions of its human bretheren at the large would have been more pronounced. Kind of a Luke I am your father thing could have went on there, and I think the reveal would have been a bit more dramatic. But oh well.

    Another thing. Those kids never would have lived. It repeatedly attacked them-after single handedly killing a multitude of extremely large dinosaurs, and yet they remained miraculously unharmed. Obviously this was going to happen, you knew that they were pretty much untouchable, but still. It was able to take down a bunch of armed soldiers, but a ten year old is just out of its grasp. I dunno- but again I guess, all for the plot. And I mean she couldnt call him because they were breaking up... But I don't know... Maybe send a text? Maybe say hey there is a giant deadly carnivorous dinosuar on the loose, get back to safety asap and god forbid don't do something stupid. I would think it would save trouble. Dunno about that either.

    I do have to give credit to claire for running in those heels. She must be some sort of superwoman honestly. To again outlive other beings much more suitable than she was while wearing her highest pumps. Give this woman a raise... But seriously they were like 5 inches high, break them off maybe. I don't know, but gosh.

    Actually I really didnt see that much of an issue with the fat guys plan to bring the dinosaur down with the use of a bunch of smaller ones. I mean nothing else had worked and ok the big dinosaur could have killed everyone on the island by itself anyways, what did they really have to lose? They really should have called in the national gaurd or something though. More helocopters and earlier. Drop a bomb on it. I habe no idea, but they should have been much more aggressive. Anyways, if they hadnt been part raptor it might have worked(doubtful because even when they did turn on the big dinosaur later it was just amusing kind of like someone swatting away a few slightly bothersome mosquitos)-not much of a point in the whole exchange of them siding with a new alpha anyways-guess it just added to the drama of the plot. I am going to say the idea of using them in the military... Not sure I would back that. Too uncontrollable and honestly- not really very cost effective/time effective probably. One dies and all the time you spent training it, and I am sure it would take a decent amount of time, gone. Machines, machines, machines. Factory programming, done.
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    I liked the movie. It was never going to be as good as the first three (esp the first). So keeping that in mind I think they did a great job.

    I was disgusted with the elder kid. What the fuck was he thinking. Alarms are going off and he takes a detour.

    He also dodged and ran away from that lady who was responsible for keeping them safe, which in the end resulted in her getting killed.

    Fuck you son, you deserved to get tortured and killed.

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    All I can say is.. Sequels to the original Jurassic Park fucked up majorly by having that fan-lickin-lizard-thing eat and kill a T-Rex in one swoop. That was the WORST and most awful move they could have possibly made.

    Don't watch this, it's painful.

    Anyways. Jurassic World almost made up for that with its ending. Despite its Matrix-style-apathetic-love-connection between the guy and the girl (WHY do they have to have love interest just because they exist and are also interacting occasionally?) and like pretty much everything else like how fake the CGI felt, the ending redeemed the T-Rex's honor and, in turn, my pride in being so awe-inspired by the first movie's scenes of it.
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    The velociraptor and T-Rex tag team was awesome. I think it was made to make dinasaur nerds happy. They weren't very concerned about the ratings in that scene I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadOctopus View Post
    I'm seeing it; I don't even care how stupid it looks. I have a love of dinosaurs that goes back to my childhood. Dinosaurs eating people = yes.

    Still, it'd be nice if they didn't make everything CGI. The animatronics were what made the original Jurassic Park so great.
    My feelings exactly before seeing this reboot.

    Overall, I enjoyed it. My expectations were low - it's an action movie. The 1st film was based on its own fictional science, filled with inconsistencies, & some characters entrenched in irresponsibility/corruption you'd hope wouldn't exist IRL. And, it was fucking great. Believable & engaging, even now. This new film built on those basic concepts. "Evolved," perhaps. Just took every shitty aspect of mixing science/playing god/profiting/stupid risktaking for shock effect to the extreme. It's viable if everyone you hire are shitheads, I suppose.

    The script is atrocious - too much exposition, characters are flat & bland... & I miss the animatronics, but... dinosaurs!
    It's passable for what it is. Typically, I can't stand reboots or remakes at all.

    Loved T-Rex & BD Wong reprising their roles. Nice touch.

    One of my chief complaints wasn't even the movie itself- it was the ridiculous volume in the cinema. This keeps happening, lately. Why the fuck are they playing movies at a level where your ears may ring afterward? Fortunately, I had earplugs in my bag. I could still hear the film in its entirety loud & clear.
    I sound like an old person, but I don't care. I cherish my hearing, and the loudness actually detracted from the already (for the most part) unremarkable film.
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