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Thread: Movies & Shows everyone seems to love so much and you can't understand why!

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    Quote Originally Posted by riva View Post
    My brother in law highly recommends friends and I was planning on watching it next. I hope you are wrong.
    Well, if you enjoy watching a group of mindless twits engage in mindless activities, it'll work for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BadOctopus View Post

    I absolutely love the first nine or ten seasons. They're pure comedy gold -- eminently quotable and legitimately hilarious. But the show seriously stopped being good for SIXTEEN years. How does a show that is consistently unfunny LAST that long? Its humor is crass and infantile, its storylines fail to make you care about any of the characters, and it relies on pop-culture and current events references and celebrity cameos to keep people watching, and somehow, it works. People are apparently watching, because it keeps getting renewed. I don't understand it.

    I watched the latest "Treehouse of Horror" episode a couple weeks ago, to see if it was still terrible. It was. I don't think I laughed once.
    I hear this a lot, although not quite to the level of hate you threw down. But I think it might be a case of, as Voltaire said, "perfect is the enemy of good". I agree that The Simpsons was on a different level from seasons 3-10 or so...possibly the best show in the history of television for those years. Which means that the quality can drop, even a good deal, and still be above average. I think that's the case here. The Simpsons isn't as good as it was, so people say it sucks.

    I contend that if the Simpsons premiered in say, 2000 with season 11, and ran for the last 15 years, most of the people who liked it before but say it sucks now would be praising it. It's not the best show on TV anymore, but it's still wittier and cleverer than the vast majority of episodic comedy on TV.
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    I will never understand the masochism of "Game of Thrones" viewers.
    and it's nice enough to
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    Quote Originally Posted by riva View Post
    I forgot to mention: nightcrawler

    Again for acting - Oscar deserving
    For the movie - No way

    I just don't get Oscars anymore when it comes to best picture.

    This one has got nominated for best original screenplay. Yeah no way man. If they added 15 more minutes to the ending with ANY FUCKING outcome then it would have deserved an oscar nominee.
    It had an outcome. I think the ending was the point

    I considered it a pretty amazing performance by Jake Gyllenhaal... one of his best. That being said, I'm not sure if I feel inspired to ever watch it again and probably shouldn't have bought it on bluray sight unseen.


    I have free HBO for three months and am sitting there looking at the entry for Epic 3D. It's in 3D. I could watch it. But I have no desire to. of course, I don't think it did particularly great.

    I saw The Fault in Our Stars a month or two back. Woodley was awesome. SOME of the scenes were interesting. But the movie as a whole was kind of a mess. I'm not sure why it was so big.
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    Family Guy hammers its jokes way too hard for my liking.
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    Arrested Development. And, no, it's not because I didnt get the jokes.
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    I don't understand what the appeal of the awards are -- the Oscars, the Academy...isn't there another one? Granted, I've never actually sat down and tried to watch one so I might be missing out on something amazing.

    Quote Originally Posted by riva View Post
    My brother in law highly recommends friends and I was planning on watching it next. I hope you are wrong.
    It's not going to change your life or anything, and if you binge watch too many episodes you'll start to get sick of the characters, but it's popular for a reason. I haven't seen an episode in years, but just last week I texted a friend a line from Friends -- no preamble, no context -- and he knew which episode and scene I was referring to, and he replied with the following line.

    Quote Originally Posted by EJCC View Post
    I will never understand the masochism of "Game of Thrones" viewers.
    It's a taste acquired from years and years of books and shows where the protagonists never ever die, except maybe at the very end.

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    Movies- too many to list, though Harry potter deserves a mention. Contemptible garbage imo tbh

    Shows- American Dad, South Park, Criminal Minds, Orange is the new Black (watchable but just too overrated for its own good), Tosh.0, Game of Thrones, the later seasons of House, Bates Motel (liked among some people I know, unsure of widespread acclaim).

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    Later seasons of house
    Breaking bad
    (slight diversion) the joker from Nolan's Batman.
    Chasing amy
    The shining
    Star trek (the entire thing prior to the new films minus the excellent character trio of spock, kirk and bones... Of course)
    Fight club

    (I could go on for ages here)
    Isn't it time for a colourful metaphor?

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    How I Met Your Mother
    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
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