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Thread: Serial Killer Wins on "The Dating Game"

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    Quote Originally Posted by beyondaurora View Post
    Well I'm sufficiently creeped out. He Reminds me of the also seemingly-normal-and-charismatic Ted Bundy. It's shocking to learn that he appeared on the show amidst his killing spree and after having had an assault conviction. Different times...
    Well it's been noted that quite a few serial killers seem apparently 'normal' and often quite charming. The most interesting reaction to such people is when others call them monsters, but I don't think they are monsters...I think they are frighteningly human and that's what people try to deny when they call them monsters.

    It's denial of the harsh reality that such people expose about our natures. Even without sociopathic or psychopathic personality traits, human beings still have an awful capacity for horrific acts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AffirmitiveAnxiety View Post
    I don't think they are monsters...I think they are frighteningly human and that's what people try to deny when they call them monsters.
    Dude, didn't you look at the pic I posted?

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    It's easy to appear charming but hard to keep it going.

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    Many on this forum would be killers if the situation called for it.

    How you feel about it is largely down to how close to it you are. And how you are raised.

    Ex: we would probably get PTSD++ by eating human flesh. But a tribal cannibal would/could probably sleep like normal.

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    He's got that haunted Native American spirit guide vibe. Would trust.

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