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    Default Favorite Classical Era

    Mine is the Romantic Era. It had Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Schubert and Brahms. Those are some of my favorite composers.

    Examples for (not) each era (due to max of 4 vids):

    Baroque (1600 - 1760)

    Classical (1730 - 1830)

    Romantic (1815 - 1910)

    20th + 21st Century (1901 - 2000) (Does also include composers like John Williams and Howard Shore)

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    romantic bordering on modern... I've been listening to a lot of Saint-Saens, Grieg and Mussorgsky recently, with the occasional smattering of Dvorak... it almost matches the drama of the man's choice in television, though I still maintain that even the most dramatic thing that any of them can conjure falls short of Shonda Rimes
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    Baroque. Hate to be a typological cliche, but I love Bach. Handel and Vivaldi are cool also. I'd like to know about others. There's just so much going on, I find. You are thinking of the parts, observing the parts, rather than the emotional impact of the whole.

    I like Beethoven, though.
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    Beethoven invents Jazz.

    Voted Classical, obviously.

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