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Thread: The Wire Vs Breaking Bad

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    Another vote for The Wire.

    It had more depth and social commentary, while at the same time being quite entertaining action wise. Breaking Bad had more humor (in the early seasons) and more intensity at times, but since it had to stay fairly one-dimensional (i.e. be about Walt and the drug trade) it couldn't manage the variety of sub-story lines that The Wire had.

    Both excellent shows though.

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    Breaking Bad was awesome. I never got to see the 2nd part of the last season though because i don't have cable? Where can I watch the final episodes?

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    ^Amazon Instant Video or even iTunes, but they charge $1.99 per episode.
    It is worth it, though. As an individual season, it is one of the best in TV history.

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    There is no Breaking Bad thread here besides this?

    I just started watching it last weekend and just finished Season 2. Jeeez. I never feel uncomfortable watching shows, but the last few episodes were pretty disturbing, watching Walt's downward spiral. Not gonna spoiler anything, but... gotta say the first two seasons were pretty solid and the ensemble cast really good. And the writing feels very organic. It's hard to watch some of the things happen that have happened so far. A number of brave performances and no easy resolutions to things... easily one of the best shows I've ever seen.
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