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Thread: I hate Strong Female Characters

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    You have no idea what I went through for the privilege to reply to this thread.

    Maybe, if I had a lower IQ, I could enjoy these vexatious verbal audacities.

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    I like strong female characters when they seem authentic and not just an excuse to say "look! we have a chick who kicks ass!"

    some examples of strong female characters I like:

    In Game of Thrones we get a few good strong female characters: Khaleesi, Arya and Cersei
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    I laughed so much.

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    GoT gets a mention and no Ygritt or Sansa? What was it hating on red heads day or something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    GoT gets a mention and no Ygritt or Sansa? What was it hating on red heads day or something?
    I just wanted to list a couple of examples and not a full list of characters. Most of the females in Game of Thrones, I find to be amazing women. Except Sansa. Though, I hope to see her mature into a pretty awesome woman. I've never read the books, so please, no spoilers!

    @Elfboy: Orin Ishii and Katniss are examples I could stand behind.
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    I've being interested in this for awhile, and yet somewhat concerned that the examples I could give would do more to betray my own subjective limitations as a male and subconscious gender biases then provide any answers.

    It comes down to what would you consider deep:
    They gave the example of Buffy... Now I'm thinking - Buffy, Willow, Anya, Fate, Cordelia, Fred, All seem drastically different to me (Except maybe Buffy herself in the early seasons, who I think to some extent served as the female teenage version of the everyman). All can be said to be strong female characters in one way or another, but they clearly differ in dimensions other then strength enough to be defined by other characteristics more so then strength - so they have to exist in those other dimensions. But that is a very literal interpretation - in the sense that to define them you'd need a few more spatial dimensions. Can they truly be said to be deep characters? The author of the article didn't think so.One distinctly deep character I can think of who portrays a strong female character without being defined by it is President Roslin from BattleStar Galactica (Reimagining), who can even be viewed in contrast to the classical strong female character in the same show. But is that because she's better written, or because she's meant to depict a deeper person?

    I am also thinking back to some of my favorite authors, quite a few of them are male, and I think many of them had difficulties in writing female characters, for instance Heinlen was famous for having two kind of female characters - his first wife and his second wife, but he certainly was not alone with a tendency for a shallow characterization of women. So let's take for instance the show Community, a show noteworthy for winning the Bechtdel test, probably because there is said to be an equal number of female and male writers on the team behind the show... Which mean the matter of author gender shouldn't be a limit here... But truth be told, I can't tell what would make them deeper then the so called one dimensional women in Buffy. If I am held back by the limitations of my own subjective experience as one gender, is the same true to others (Writers included)?

    Edit: Almost forgot...

    So my question for women who have watched both Community & Buffy:
    Would you say the characters in one of those feel more like real people then the other?
    (Fictional setting aside)
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    Idk, I was pretty sold on Salander, books and film (not the English version). I thought she was a hero.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelenOfTroy View Post
    Idk, I was pretty sold on Salander, books and film (not the English version). I thought she was a hero.
    I thought she was a believable, if unusual, personality/character.
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    Lisa Simpson
    Clarice Starling (in fact, a lot of Jodie Foster characters),
    Precious (? never saw it)
    Erin Brokovich (real lady too)
    Jessica Rabbit
    Catherine Tramell
    Meryl Streep characters (The River Wild, one of my favs)
    Alabama Whitman
    Mathilda (The Professional)
    Jackie fuckin' Brown
    Lisbeth Salander,
    a lot of them chicks in American Horror Story
    How do you solve a problem like Maria?

    Several of these women are easily physically overpowered and sometimes even raped by men, but they use their wiles and grace to overcome.

    Many are utterly terrified in scenarios where men characters are stoic. Think Clarice, in the dark, with her gun shaking in her hands, trying to locate Buffalo Bill in his dungeon.

    Ripley is great, to me, because she also shows her terror and fear, but carries on anyway. Goes to rescue that little girl from the clutches of mama Alien Queen, Newt (god what a terrible nickname) in Aliens 2, and whoops fuckin' ass like a mother who beat a car jacker almost to death with The Club (steering wheel lock thingy) when her child was still in the car (true story).
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