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Thread: "Paradise Lost" Character Types

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    Default "Paradise Lost" Character Types

    I've noticed that there has been no discussion anywhere on the types found within one of the greatest pieces of literature in history, and so I decided I would try to type the characters I feel I might know. I'd appreciate any help! Thanks!

    Satan- ENFJ (oozes Fe- starts with NF idealism that soon turns dark...)
    Beelzebub- INTP (very well developed Fe and Si- stays in background)
    Belial- ISFP (lazy, charming in a soft manner)
    Moloch- ESTP (crazy mofo)
    Raphael- ESFJ (great storyteller, warm and jovial)
    Uriel- ISTJ (duty fulfiller)
    Michael- ENTJ (commanding, objective, great teacher)
    God- INTJ (directs everyone, yet removed from events)
    Son- INFP (typical Pollyannaish hero)
    Adam- ESFX (the "everyman", extroverted to get things moving, emotions over reason)
    Eve- ESFX (same ^^)

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    Satan, who said, "I would rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven", is my favourite character.

    Satan didn't whine about his abusive childhood, or that He was deprived and poverty stricken, or complain about his addiction, or blame society. No, He came right out and said it, told it as it is, no goody-two-shoes, meek and mild, but He tells us what He wants, and what He wants now.

    A role model for us all.
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