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Thread: XBOX one vs PS4?

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    Preordered both, and will upgrade my PC as soon as the next generation of hardware is released, which will no doubt be at least five generations ahead of the eighth generation consoles.

    As for the consoles, PS4 looks like it will have more appealing exclusive launch titles (Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son -- don't care much about Ryse,, and Titanfall is coming for the PC, too), but as a console, I think the Xbox One has more potential for innovation that developers will hopefully tap into.

    And it looks like MGS5 is being pushed for the Xbox One rather than the PS4, so maybe Sony is getting the port.

    Two games I hope are released for next-gen consoles are Condemned 3 and Saints Row 5, made at the visual realism level of, let's say Infamous: Second Son, but other than that, they should go as crazy as they want. In fact, what would be truly awesome about a SR5 being for the Xbox One is that it would be constantly least in theory.

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    PS4 for the following reasons

    a) I'm already invested in the Playstation Network
    b) I own a PS Vita
    c) Cheaper
    d) Final Fantasy titles (which will hopefully be better than their PS3 counterparts because I didn't like FF13)

    Glad to see Microsoft pulled it's head out of its butt but it doesn't affect my decision one way or the other
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    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyGeek View Post
    Is this actually true? I've been hearing it, but I don't see a reason why they would do that. Do they want to watch us stare into the TV for hours?
    Not sure how true it is that they are lurking but it's strange that the connect has to be on all the time for the system to be working. The ps4 is going to have playstation eye I think that you wont have to have it on all the time.

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    Im looking forward to killer instinct 3 on xbox one but it's not even being made by rare. Infamous second sun and metal gear solid 5 on ps4.

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