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Thread: What Books Did You Enjoy Reading While a Pre-teen?

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    I have always loved reading. Middle school I started getting/ switching between- the classics and Stephen King(generally the lighter of both categories).

    Some favorites I guess, which I discussed on vent like yesterday so deja-vous(constant vent references too, sorta deja-vousy/annoying) are/were:

    The Long Walk, (read carrie, didnt actually really like it- spoiled by the movie I think), It, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, The Running Man-by King

    Fahrenheit 451, To Kill a Mockingbird, A Separate Peace, Animal Farm, ect... I read alot in middle school

    Lots of RL Stein in there too, all those teen murder mysteries. And Lurlene Mcdaniels (spelling)- for some reason. Laurie Halse Anderson... fuck if I can remember what else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mal12345 View Post
    I did both. I was a book-reading hellion on wheels. I read Moby Dick at the age of 10. Somehow, I found time both to read and do crazy shit.
    My list was popular electronics (actual detail of how things work along with schematics and such), popular mechanics, programming magazines, bodybuilding, wood working, etc. Anything and everything ealing with electrical /electronics and how it works. I started programming at 5 with my sister's magazines.

    Edit: maybe it was electronics now
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    Harry Potter

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