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Thread: Hitler Meets Christ

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    Default Hitler Meets Christ

    "The personification of good meets the embodiment of evil when a derelict believing himself to be Hitler clashes with a compassionate Christ figure in director Brendan Keown's screen adaptation of a controversial play by Michael Moriarty (who also scripts and stars). The setting is a seedy train station, and the characters are two of history's most contradictory figures. As Hitler (Moriarty) spews forth the kind of foul philosophy that made him one of the most reviled dictators in the history of humankind, Jesus (Wyatt Page) struggles valiantly to process the hatred being heaped upon him in the curious setting. Could it be that these men are sincerely the historical figures they claim to be, or are they simply two delusional lunatics who have become lost on their own dementia? Whatever the case may be, the debate that unfolds is sure to be as intellectually stimulating as it is completely outrageous."

    Could it be awful enough for this forum? Looks can be deceiving.

    thinking of you

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    Haven't seen that. Is that playing anywhere?

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    For starters its already delusionally lunatic to compare a real person with an idol what would be Christ.
    After that I stopped thinking cause such things are so excessively irrational that I am not able to get past the front entrance.
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