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Thread: PlayStation 4!

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    Xbox Live is better than the PlayStation Network, for sure. This is about the only use from Halo and Gears.

    Now that I think of it: I bought a few multiplayer-enabled games when the Network was taken down, and my PS3 system crashed the day before Sony brought it back online.

    How is Forza, btw? It has been a while since I've played a good racing game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duck_of_Death View Post
    How is Forza, btw? It has been a while since I've played a good racing game.
    It's equal to GT, but with some small differences in collision and customization, and how you score style points. The newest one (Forza Horizon) is different than either of them. It sort of has a "storyline" and an open world like some Need for Speed type games, but plays like Forza or GT (a sim rather than arcade like). I'd give it a try.

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    Last console I owned was a playstation 2, I decided from that point on that I'd try and live real adventures as opposed to playing video game ones, I've had mixed success and spent a lot of time on forums since

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    Real life adventures are for rich people. Or criminals. The second gets expensive in it's own way too. Anyone else who says they're leading an exciting life is full of shit. edit: Wait, wartime soldiers are an exception too.

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    I want to wait and see what more features will be available for it in the future. Sounds like a pretty powerful system though
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    I generally find a PC more useful for my main gaming, although ive not done as much lately.

    Mainly because of the power advantage PC's still currently have, but more importantly because I can mess about with my pc and alter it to my hearts content. You can do that with a console but it's not as easy.

    Also I have a Wii U. I'm not a battle of the consoles person though, I find that to be incredibly inane and pointless, I just understand that since the majority of my time is spent on a PC the Wii U will likely be the cheapest console I can get as an aside.

    Besides Zombie U is very entertaining.

    Nonetheless I will remain interested just 'cause.
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    PS4 announcement, tl;dr version: but for a major screwup from it's competitors, Sony is moving on proudly into loosing the console wars for the 2nd generation in a row.

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    Only care about a new Xbox.

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