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Thread: The sleep of reason brings forth monsters

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    The sleep of reason brings forth monsters

    At school I played sport, practised my religion and was a military cadet, but when I left school, I stopped playing sport and practising my religion and I rejected the military ethos.

    Yes, reason asserted itself and after a long struggle I was able to free myself from religion. And then it become obvious to me that sport itself was a religion, so it was much easier to become sports free. And it became plain that the military controlled the minds of its members, and so became repugnant to me.

    So I was surprised to be invited by Geoff to join a site with a religious belief in a personality test. It seemed so ridiculous, but turned out to be better than I imagined.

    However I am pleased when my life decisions are backed up by the facts.

    The Australian Crime Commission (ACC) has found organised crime has corrupted sport with wide spead doping and the fixing of sporting events.

    And the Royal Commission into child abuse and its cover up, largely within my religion, backs my decision to leave.

    And the Judicial Commission into rape and its cover up in the military, also backs my rejection of the military ethos.

    And this only leaves a personality test, feeding on gullibility, devoid of reason, bringing forth monsters.

    For we know the sleep of reason brings forth monsters.

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