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Thread: Casual gaming for us old folks

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    Default Casual gaming for us old folks

    I'm looking for Wii and WiiWare games for groups of 2-4 people. Readily accessible and easy to learn is the key. I've had success with the following:
    • Wii Sports (until everyone got saturated with it way back in '07)
    • Boom Blox - A Jenga-like thing
    • Tetris Party - Tetris with a bunch of different modes
    • Bomberman Blast - Top-down "blow each other the hell up" sort of game
    • Contra Rebirth (with number of lives jacked up to 7, it's surprisingly accessible!)
    • New Super Mario Bros. Wii (with limited success, as you can't drill "THE RUN BUTTON" into some peoples' heads)
    • Wii Party - A minigame-driven game like Mario Party, but even more accessible

    Co-op games are especially great, as are those that allow you to set handicaps. Because some of us are just more hardcore than others.

    What say you? Any recommendations?


    But more generally, what sort of casual, multiplayer games have you enjoyed--for any system, new or old?

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    I played Animal Crossing on the DS for a while... but that's less like a game and more like a virtual life.

    My big problem with more casual games is that if I'm not kicking someone's butt then I start to feel obligated to have fun and make things fun for them even if I don't feel like it, then I start to dislike playing. This happened with Minecraft creative... we built an awesome underground city with aqueducts and giant gardens and stuff. It was beautiful. And a lot of work. But afterward I was kinda just blah because I gave away all my energy so to speak.

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